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Vanilla #26 with extra Banana

Author: Regret
Rating: PG
Challenge: Vanilla #26 - Anniversary / Memorial
Extras: Banana (full piece of artwork)
Story: Arkadian
Summary: There's one day that Arkadiy will always remember. He doesn't need to mark it in the calendar; he only has to look down.
Notes: I came to the conclusion that it's much easier to draw an explanation for Arkadiy's reaction in the last piece than to try to describe it...

He was actually good fun to colour, it's been so long since I've drawn him though... And, er, please forgive the wonky perspective on the bottles, it's what I get for drawing without reference since I don't appear to have any beer in the house (ironically enough).


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Jul. 22nd, 2010 01:27 am (UTC)
Wow, that's a really, really good drawing.
Jul. 22nd, 2010 09:30 am (UTC)
Thank you! ^///^
Jul. 22nd, 2010 01:39 am (UTC)
very nice :)
Jul. 22nd, 2010 09:39 am (UTC)
Thank you! :D ^^
Jul. 22nd, 2010 02:31 am (UTC)
Awesome!! I love this! You're such a tallented artist! His legs don't freak me out at all, I can't understand why anyone would be. The only thing that looks really strange is the feet. Flesh tone feet on the bottom of mech legs is a little freaky lol! :)
Jul. 22nd, 2010 09:36 am (UTC)
^///^ Thank you. And yeah, they do look really weird - they're made out of synthiskin so they have actual touch and sensations, but it was so expensive he could either have his feet done and have a l'il house to retire in, or have both legs done completely and carry on in the army to pay it off...

And for the most part, I don't think they would freak anyone out, but he's just so paranoid that they might that he can't bear to let anyone get close enough. *pats him* (Plus, once you open up that panel at the top, you can see all the wiring and central structure and that bit really does freak him out. XD;;; )
Jul. 22nd, 2010 03:30 am (UTC)
This is great and I love all the details you stuck in there!
Jul. 22nd, 2010 09:37 am (UTC)
Thank you! I always get paranoid because I don't feel like I'm putting enough detail in, so your saying that makes me inordinately happy! ^^
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 22nd, 2010 09:26 am (UTC)
It's the first thing I've inked in aaaaages. >_>;; My scanner's nearly dead and leaves horizontal lines on everything (I decided to leave them on the calendar) so it takes aaaages to clean up anything to ink and ruins pencil work completely...

I'm kinda surprised at how his muscles came out. >_>; I don't think I've ever coloured a fairly muscular man at this angle before. ^^;; *lucky fluke*
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 22nd, 2010 09:23 am (UTC)
I took one look at all those bottles and went 'oh gods why did I do that...' XD;; In the end I dug out a green wine bottle. ^^; And I really love drawing clothes... ^^;; I'm really glad you like it! ^///^
Jul. 23rd, 2010 12:30 am (UTC)
I love this. The way you defined the muscles is really great, and all the bottles too XDDDDD
Jul. 23rd, 2010 12:25 pm (UTC)
Ahhh the muscles were a headache. XD; I swear, I need to keep a well-muscled man lying around for reference or something... and the bottles were fun to draw, right up until I realised that, uh, I had to colour them. >_>;; XD;;;

Incidentally, I love your icon! Although now it reminds me that I've not finished that game... was prone to driving me mad!
Jul. 23rd, 2010 03:26 am (UTC)
That is a gorgeous picture! Though now I have to go hunt around for WHY he has mechanical legs...I don't think I'm ever going to stop playing catch up ^_^;
Jul. 23rd, 2010 12:21 pm (UTC)
Ah, this one I actually have uploaded! - in 2008 Arkadiy the main character in my Script Frenzy (unfinished, but I did get to 50-something pages...) and so I turned that into my NaNoMangO attempt (likewise unfinished...). The comic's over at my Wordpress site, and it has some graphic (hah) violence. It doesn't explain the exact circumstances but it does show what happened. ^^;

It'd probably help if I wrote things in order, wouldn't it...? >_>;;
Jul. 23rd, 2010 03:47 pm (UTC)
hehe, I certainly don't write in order, so I can't say much to that ^_^v
Jul. 23rd, 2010 05:26 pm (UTC)
That is a gorgeous drawing, and it does explain so much about Arkadiy's paranoia. He really should go see a therapist, though. And probably get laid. Yes. Poor Arkadiy. Beautiful picture, though.
Jul. 23rd, 2010 05:53 pm (UTC)
Thank you! And, well, the therapist not so much because sometimes he's not a patient man... And I tried to get him laid during NaNoWriMo 2008 and he still wouldn't - although that might be a combination of his prospective partner being Paradigm's sister and the woman he's actually in love with being on the same (small) spaceship... XD;;

Maybe I need to try again... *evil grin*
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