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CCM 6, Trail Mix 13 & Guava 8

Author: Casey
Story: Shifts: Post Shifts (See also Marina’s prompts for more from this ‘verse)
Challenge: CCM 6 (lazy), Trail Mix 13 (workshop/laboratory), Guava 8 (cross my heart)
Toppings & Extras: Sprinkles, Caramel
Word Count: 759
Rating: G
Summary: Nate Marsh and Addy Henson could have never been anything but best friends, despite their differences.
Notes: I decided after writing the Grayson adopts Nate piece that these two kids were about the same age and that they would probably get up to all sorts of hijinks. This is what came of that. Totally random and not really much related to the Shifts/Tremors universe since it takes place so long after. (Last CCM!)

There never seemed to be a chance that Adrian Henson and Nathan Marsh wouldn’t be best friends. Not only were they within six months of age, but they were both adopted and aware of that fact from a very young age. Nate, despite being adopted, took after his father almost from day one while Addy was a bit more introverted, although she never picked up the grumpy edge her parents had had when kids.

Nate charged through the Henson’s front door. “Hi!” he greeted Addy’s older brother, Tyler, who happened to be the one in the kitchen.

“Hey, Nate, Addy’s out in the backyard.”

“That’s cuz it’s science time,” Nate informed him and bounded off as his father, Grayson, followed him in only a little more sedately.

Nate knew his dad was sticking around – the two of them came to dinner once a week regularly – so the six-year-old didn’t worry as he sprinted through the house, dodging around the nine-year-old Chloe without even a hello until he emerged in their backyard. Skirting the furniture on the patio, he climbed through their playset to the small playhouse Drew had made his kids years before. The same playhouse that Nate and Addy had commandeered a few weeks prior as made into their Laboratory.

Addy was already there, sitting cross-legged, reading a book by the light filtering through the windows.

“Science time, Addy!” Nate announced, again not bothering with a hello.

She glanced up at him and frowned. “Not right now, Nate. I’m reading.”

“But we’re gonna try rockets this week, remember? That’ll take all our time.”

Addy shrugged, returning to her book. “Don’t want to.”

Nate scowled. “You sick or jus’ afraid?”

“Just don’t feel like it, Nate. You’re bein’ rude and interrupting.”

The boy stuck his tongue out at her. “Well, I’ll do it by myself then and Dad’ll only light my rocket.”

“Our ‘spirements never work, Nate,” Addy said.

“Dad bought kits,” Nate told her, now holding out the plastic bag he held. “Said we could make ‘em in here, but he that he has to do the stuff with fire and matches.”

“Cross your heart you’re not fibbing,” Addy said, eyeing him now.

“Cross my heart, hope to die,” Nate said stoutly. “But now I don’t want your help.”

It was Addy’s turn to scowl and point at her knee and the large bandage covering it. “I hurt my knee,” she said by way of explanation of her reluctance.

Nate reached over and irreverently poked it, ignoring her nasty look. When she didn’t cry or yell, he grinned at her, satisfied with his point. “See, you’re fine. Jus’ lazy. C’mon, we’ve got a lot of building to do before dinner!”

“I hate you,” Addy informed him, but shut her book, setting it aside. “Lemme see!”

The pair spent the next two hours pouring over the directions, slowly deciphering them and putting together the rockets. Chloe, Tyler, his dad, Ellen and Addy’s parents had come out to the patio. Finally, “Nate! Addy! Dinner time, kids. Come wash your hands,” Addy’s mom, Lynne, called.

Nate slotted his last piece together and the two tumbled out of the playhouse turned lab. “Dad! Dad! We’re done!”

Grayson came over, accepting the small rocket from his son and looking it over. “Looks good to me,” he said, taking Addy’s too and giving it the same scrutiny. “Go get cleaned up and, if you eat a good dinner, we’ll shoot these off once everyone is done.”

Nate’s face fell. “But you promised.”

“I did, but only if you behaved yourself, kiddo,” Grayson said, ruffling his hair. “Eating counts in behaving.”

The six-year-old made a face. “You’re such a dad sometimes.”

“That’s my job,” Grayson said cheerfully and gave him a gently shove. Nate took the hint and raced after Addy to wash his hands.

Chloe and Tyler had made rockets too, so after a peaceful dinner – all four kids on their best behavior so the adults would set off the rockets – Grayson went to set them up.

“Okay, sit along the edge of the patio but come no closer,” Drew, Addy’s dad, ordered, pointing to show them exactly where he meant.

The four obligingly did as ordered, Nate bouncing in place, but not about to do anything to ruin his chances at their science project going off.

Addy reached out and took his hand. “Some day, we’re gonna be famous scientists,” she announced and Nate could only beam as the first rocket – his, he thought, maybe – shot into the sky with a shrill whistle.


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Jul. 17th, 2010 09:10 pm (UTC)
The six-year-old made a face. “You’re such a dad sometimes.”

HA. This is so how Nate and Grayson's relationship would be.

I love these two kids quite a lot and wish to see more from them :)
Jul. 22nd, 2010 11:24 pm (UTC)
It is COMPLETELY Nate and Grayson's relationship. Can't you just picture it? I'm totally not going to be able to leave them alone now that I know Grayson 'has' a kid.

I love them too. They're a lot of fun and you shall! (We should include them in Accidents at some point too :D)
Jul. 18th, 2010 12:24 pm (UTC)


Love this! Nate and Addy are adorable as friends, and I'm so glad that one of their projects work. I used to do rocketry with my dad and brother when I was younger, and the best part is definitely watching them go shooting up into the sky.
Jul. 22nd, 2010 11:25 pm (UTC)
It totally is!!

I'm glad Nate and Addy come across as adorable, because in my head, they totally are. Polar opposites at time, but totally adorable. That's why Grayson wanted to make sure something worked for them :)

Thanks for reading!
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