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Flavor of the Day (Undercast) + Fresh Pineapples

Author: 1306
Rating: G
Challenge: FoTD (Undercast),
Extras: Fresh Pineapples (Handsome Boy Modeling School - I've Been Thinking)
Word Count: 656
Story Arc: Monsters Under the Bed
Title: David and Goliath
Summary: Meet David--and his best friend, Goliath--who may not look as his name suggests...
A/N: Because this idea was too good to pass up. :3
Something about the moon today captured me. Must've been the fact that it was a lot brighter today, casting beams of bright white light onto the blades of grass, revealing an undercast of vivid green, lighting up the backyard with an eerie glow. It was nights like this when you can just find yourself daydreaming so easily, and yet--

It's nine in the evening. You can probably take your daydreaming into your sleep, can't you now?

I hopped into bed, not hesitating to turn off the lights. The moonlight poured into the room, casting its magical light onto the grey carpeted floor, trickling closer to the bed. I smiled at the moon, thankful that for tonight, it'll keep me company.

And then there's him.

"Going to sleep now, David?" I head that familiar booming voice from under the bed, resonating weakly through the room.

"Are you, Goliath?" I asked.

"I just woke up," he said lightly. "You sound tired. What have you been doing today, huh?"

"Oh, wasted all my energy on such an awesome Saturday," I said, bobbing my head with the crickets' calls. "What about you?"

"Me, well," he grunted. "I've been thinking a lot lately."

I grinned. Now when haven't I heard that?

"What is it about now?" I asked.

There was a moment of silence, then he started talking. "How long has it been, David? You know, ever since we met--ever since you found me in my own world?"

"Not too long, I guess." I tapped my chin, one hand running slowly through the pale blue covers. It definitely hasn't been long since we met. Unless you think a year's a long time already, but you're not me now, aren't you?

"Why do you ask?" I asked.

"Don't you find it funny," he gave a short, deep chuckle. "That you're so attached to me, even though we haven't known each other that long?"

"Can't I?" I chuckled. "I get attached to things too easily. Don't tell my mom that--she'll take away the TV if she finds that out."

"Don't worry, I won't."

I crawled slowly to the edge of the bed. "But seriously, Goliath--you're the first monster I've met. Hopefully not the last, though--but you're the first. I never really thought you guys could exist. Not that I don't want you guys to exist or anything, it's just--well..."

"It sounds crazy, doesn't it?"

I grinned. "Sure is."

I leaned back on my pillow. "Hey, Goliath--do you think you could--well, sleep over here with me? I know you just woke up, and yeah, I--"

"I'm heading up there now," he said, and I watched him as he crawled out from under the bed. Now you're probably thinking that he's a huge guy, with a name like Goliath--and the fact that he's a monster (not in the bad sense, of course).

But you wouldn't think of him that way when I say that he's not even taller than me.

He crawled out of the bad, shaking off dust off his clay body. I reached out both my hands and helped him up the bed. Put this in perspective--I'm thirteen years old, and probably reaching five feet (yeah, even Mom says I'm a bit tall for my age). Goliath is barely two feet tall.

That doesn't take away the fact that he's ridiculously strong. Stronger than me, naturally--probably stronger than a million men, if you ask me. Built like a brick wall, and yet, he's not the tallest crayon in the box.

He crawled up beside me, patting my head as I sank back into the covers, smiling at him. "Good night, Goliath."

"Good night, David," he patted my head once more, dragging the covers up to my shoulders. He may not be the tallest crayon in the box, but he's the strongest--

As well as the one with the heart of pure gold.
Tags: [author] 1306, [challenge] flavor of the day, [extra] fresh fruit : pineapple

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