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mocha # 11

Author: hi_falootin
Prompt: Mocha 11. why didn't I think of that?
Word Count: 625
Rating: G
Notes: Jason's POV. Continuation of this piece! (It'll make more sense if you read that first!)

I'm about to slide into my chair for first period English when Ms. Zorns says my name and, "Would you come up here please?" Jason learns Howie's secret! Well, sort of secret....

I'm about to slide into my chair for first period English when Ms. Zorns says my name and, "Would you come up here please?"

"Am I late?" I ask. "I thought that..."

"No, no." She shakes her head. "You're on time. I just wanted to ask you a favor."

"Yeah?" When a teacher asks, it's usually less of a favor and more of an...order.

Ms. Zorns is looking over a sheet of paper on her desk, tapping it with this green over-sized pen she's always carrying around. "We have a new student joining us today, and I was hoping--since you're a recent transfer too--you could show him around after class? Show him to his locker, show him where the lunch room is..." She looks up, pushing her glasses up the bridge of nose. "Could you do that, Jason?"

"Um, sure. What's his name?"

She looks down at the paper again. "Howie Seymour. He has my class first period, I was going to introduce him to everyone."

Ms. Zorns and I both turn to look at the rest of the class and I see him, the boy from earlier, sitting in a desk in the back row. He's small, yeah, but pretty distinctive; his hair stands straight up in a black shock. I didn't even seen him come in. He must have slipped past while we were talking.

"That's him," I say, because unless we have two new students, he has to be it. It's not a huge school, and you get to know everyone by sight pretty fast. I even knew the Eighth Graders To Watch Out For, which made what I did in the schoolyard all the more stupid. But maybe a little brave too.

"Yes..." Ms. Zorns says. She's looking at Howie thoughtfully. "All right. Class!" She jumps up and claps her hands. "Class, please settle down! Everyone take their seats!"

I assume everyone means me too, so I grab a desk in the front row, craning my neck to look at Howie who appears to be chewing on one of his sweatshirt sleeves.

"I'd like to introduce you all," Ms. Zorns is saying, "to the newest addition to our class. Coming all the way from Wyoming, his name is Howard Seymour!"

The way she says it, I'm wondering if we're supposed to clap.

Howie stopped biting his sleeve when he heard her say his name, and now he's looking around like he's afraid someone is going to try to kick his ass. I know that look. I want to tell him that it's okay, that everyone in our class is actually pretty nice, but he's all the way in the back row and I can't say anything to him without yelling. Not now, anyway.

"Well, Howard," says Ms. Zorns, "Anything you'd like to say to introduce yourself to the class?"

He looks from side to side; we're all looking at him. Even Kaitlyn Foward, who just sits in the back and plays with her cell phone all through class is looking at him.

"It's Howie," he says finally. "I mean...that's my name."

"Well, Howie, then." Ms. Zorns doesn't miss a beat. "What can you tell us about yourselves?"

Howie's still looking around, his eyes darting impossibly fast from one face to another, until they settle on mine. And then he starts to relax.

"Well..." He looks back down at his desk, pulls a loose thread from his sleeve. Then he looks straight at me with a big smile. "I was raised by wolves!" he says.

I'm resting my chin in my hand, but when he says that, my elbow slips and I smack my jaw against the back of my chair.

Of course. Why didn't I think of that?

TY for comments on the last one, guys :D There will probably be one more part of this! (I have the prompt 'guided tour' after all!)


Dec. 12th, 2008 03:02 pm (UTC)
Howie is such an intriguing character! Can't wait to read more of him!


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