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mistletoe milkshake for sly!

Author: hi_falootin
Prompt: Mocha 25. mind your manners
Milkshake, Malt
Word Count: 468
Rating: PG
Notes: Spectrum universe! slysionnachnano said, I dare someone to write any combination of my Deadfayths (Triplets plus Imagyn) as decent individuals or simply getting along. Preferably keep the insanity. And then I wrote THIS. I think it um...sort of fits your request, Sly!

Fun and games with the Deadfayths! Literally!

Vorstellen took her seat at the table, carefully eying the other three players.

"You're Mr. Green," Angst informed her, pointing to the green playing piece placed at her start square. He folded his hands in front of his own piece, the yellow one on the square labeled Col. Mustard and gave her a look as if to say, you'd better appreciate it.

"Thank you," Vorstellen said. She looked across the table at Beiseite, sitting behind Miss Scarlet. There were pillows on his chair and he was leaning forward over the board, his face screwed up in concentration.

"I'm going first," Wahnsinn announced, grabbing for the dice. They were apparently playing with two; Wahnsinn made his own rules. He rolled an eleven, and moved his Mrs. Peacock piece into the nearest room. "Let's see"--he gave his cards a quick once over--"I say it was Mr. Green, in the conservatory, with the..." He paused, eyeing the tiny weapons laid out on the table. His tongue flicked out, running along his lower lip as he salivated over the spread. Vorstellen politely pretended not to notice; Angst was less patient.

"With the what?" he asked, looking bored. "Get on with it, Phryque."

Vorstellen watched warily as Wahnsinn's hands hovered over the candle stick, wrench, lead pipe...

He picked the one with the sharp edges. "The knife!" he cried. "With the knife!" Wahnsinn looked to his left at Beiseite, still leaning away from the back of his chair.

Beiseite winced as he peeked at his cards. "Wrong," he said finally, sliding one over to Wahnsinn, who looked and then tossed it back.

"Fine," said Wahnsinn. "It's your turn then, Reject."

Reject looked at the dice suspiciously.

"Here, let me roll those for you," said Angst, scooping them up. He rolled snake eyes. "You're welcome," he told Reject, who sighed and moved his two places ahead.

Angst rolled for himself with better results, then moved Vorstellen's piece from the conservatory to the lounge. "Mr. Green, in the Lounge, with the...rope!" he said.

Vorstellen shook her head sadly at her little green piece which, if the first round was any implication, was bound to be grabbed and forced into different rooms all night. Poor, poor, Mr. Green.

"Well?" Angst demanded. "Can you prove me wrong?"

Vorstellen forced a smile. "Yes," she said, then flashed The Lounge card to her eldest brother in what she was sure was a discreet motion.

"I saw that!" Wahnsinn exclaimed, rising up from his seat.

"Yes," said Angst, "You need to be more careful. Please don't ruin our game, Se...Sis."

Vorstellan looked from the tight expression on Angst's face, to the grin on Wahnsinn, to Beiseite, who no longer seemed to be paying attention.

"Sorry," she said quietly.

It was going to be a long game.

...YES. I have no idea if I managed to keep them in character or not (they must be being nice for some reason in this piece, right?), but I hoped it worked all right or was, at the very least, mildly amusing :D TY for letting me play with the Deadfayths, Sly! They were fun. And I hope I got all their names right!
Tags: [author] falootin, [challenge] mocha, [extra] malt, [extra] milkshake
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