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milkshake day!

Author: hi_falootin
Story: Knights
Prompt: Pear 18. Bound & Gagged
+ Milkshake + Cookie Crumbs + Malt (Snowflake Milkshake) + Chopped Nuts (Xmas AU)
Rating: PG13, with warning for possible dub-con
Word count: 873
Notes: Cookie crumbs of this (NSFW?) picture from the Christmas series. Though I drew a bit of inspiration from the others too. I'd been promising her this for months XD Hope this suffices! Gold ribbon for the Rainbow Brains!

"I'm tired of being here," she said. "Of being nice." She gave the ribbon a final, hard yank. "I wanted to have some fun." Reida has fun. Kairn has less.

He hadn't thought he'd drunk that much eggnog, but as he blinked at Reida across the dinner table, his vision was starting to blur. Her mouth was moving rapidly as she tried to drag a disinterested Sethan into a conversation about interrogation techniques, but occasionally she would stop, stare straight back at Kairn, and smile.

It was unnerving. Especially when his vision started to double, and there were two of her.

Ski's elbow brushed his arm as she set down a plate of cookies on the table, jarring Kairn from that unpleasant possibility.

"Are you all right?" she asked.

Kairn pinched the bridge of his nose. "I think I better...go lie down for a bit." Both hands gripping the table, he managed to make the room stop spinning long enough to get to his feet. "Thank you for dinner. Excuse me."

"You leaving now?" Lyssa poked her head in from the kitchen, apron hanging, untied,from around her neck. "There's going to be pie!"

Kairn squinted, trying to force her into focus. "Maybe I back."

As he stumbled into the hall, he caught a flash of a toothy smile from Reida.

"Someone can't hold his eggnog," he thought he heard her say before he closed the door to his room behind him.

His first thought was that he was dreaming.

But no, it was just Reida.

And of course, he had the misfortune of waking up to the discovery that actually, he had, in fact, been stripped naked and she was, in fact, sitting on the edge of the bed, tying one of his ankles to to the footboard with a long length of green ribbon.

As his head cleared, he tried to sit up. But he came up against four points of contact and snapped back against the mattress. Looking up, he discovered that two more ribbons—of garishly festive red and green—bound each of his wrists to the headboard. And it appeared, Reida has been very serious about the knots.

She looked up from tying the last ribbon. "Oh, good," she said, watching him struggle against the ribbons. "I was afraid you'd be out until morning."

"Reida!" Kairn hissed. He felt the blood rush to his face as her eyes swept over him, a placidly pleased look on her face. "What the hell do you think you're doing? Did you drug me?"

Reida sighed, twisting a piece of ribbon around her fingers. "I'm tired of being here," she said. "Of being nice." She gave the ribbon a final, hard yank. "I wanted to have some fun."

Kairn gritted his teeth. Being nice for Reida had apparently included animating fruitcakes that threatened to destroy the cabin and then trying to blame it on Sethan.

Kairn was even more wary of her idea of "having some fun."

"You know," he said, tugging weakly at the ribbons. "This...really isn't the time and place...I mean, everyone's here and...there are kids here and—"

"Relax," Reida said sharply. A cold hand ran up his inner thigh. He flinched as her sharp fingernails scraped across his skin.

"Perhaps another time I'd be more willing to—"

"Are you trying to bargain?" Reida laughed, "Why not skip straight to begging? That's so much more fun."

Kairn set his mouth in a line.

"Well," Reida said, reaching behind herself to unhook her dress. "If you're not willing to beg, I suppose you are stuck."

Kairn swallowed as her dress fell to the floor and she climbed on top of him, hiking her slip up around her thighs. He jerked against the ribbons impulsively when her lips brushed against his throat.

"Those knots are fool-proof," she murmured against his skin. Her teeth nipped at his collar bone. "But you can keep struggling if you want."

Kairn had squeezed his eyes shut, but they flew open again at the feeling of something cold and sharp against his leg. He craned his neck to see a pair of scissors in Reida's right fist—which was resting dangerously close to the last place he'd want to see a sharp object.

"Oh, yes," Reida said, her own eyes following his stare. She held the scissors up in front of his face. "That insufferable blonde woman wouldn't let me near the kitchen knives, but I found these with the wrapping paper. They seem a bit dull but..." She ran the open blade lightly across his stomach. "Could be interesting."

Kairn failed to find a response.

"Oh," Reida said again. "I found something else with the wrapping paper." She bent to retrieve something from the floor and Kairn, expecting another re-purposed torture implement, was confused to see a sheet of large, rectangular stickers. Each one read, in red and green script, Do Not Open Til Christmas. She peeled one from the paper and raised her eyebrows at Kairn.

He barely had time for a "What—" before it was slapped across his mouth.

As she examined her work, Reida looked almost jovial, as if suddenly imbued with holiday spirit.

"Merry Christmas to me," she sang as she lifted her slip again and moved to straddle his lap.

"Mmgh," said Kairn.

It was going to be a long night.

haha, so I said "possible dub-con because I was thinking they have some weird arrangement going on in this piece and that it's borderline consensual. But at the same time, she did drug him, because I mean...would you really put it past her?

I've been shameless lately :3

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