Shayna (shayna611) wrote in runaway_tales,


The Storytellers page is going on hiatus.

We have had a lot of technical difficulties since transferring the count to Google Sites. Counting has been very time consuming and hard for the mods and there have been frequent losses of data throwing off the count.

We are currently awaiting a new system (my lovely husband is programming us a database and user interface that will allow a whole new system by which you will be able to report and update your own counts). Thanks to computer malfunction/repairs it is not finished yet, but should be in the near future.

As it will be much easier for us to report the pieces posted in the interim to the new site than it will to continue with the current procedure and the constant fixing that entails, we will be freezing the counting page until the new system is available.

I know most of you already keep count of your own pieces. Please continue to do so. There will be a post going up shortly where you can report finished challenges to request banners. This system will continue when the new counting page is in place.

If you have any questions about the hiatus or the new counting system, leave them here.

Thank you,
- Shayna & the mods

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