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Vanilla #1

Author: AP Roberts
Challenge: Vanilla #1 - Shopping
Topping: Rainbow Sprinkles
Rating:  PG-13 possibly R for violence
Word Count: 525
Genre: Fantasy
World and Time: Innis Seun in the time of Bringing the Dawn
Title: The Seduction of a Curse
Summary: Jealousy can be an evil thing. Especially when you are given the tools to do something about your rival.

A/N -  I figured it was about time for me to post something. To explain the reasoning for the toppings, the MC in this post is Meaghan who is a student at the school where my MCs are passing through. Two of my four MCs are Barbara and Ewan who are only mentioned briefly in this story but should feature more prominently in my other stories. I tagged this post as best I could but I don't yet have an author tag. =)

I stood among the tinkers, pretending an interest in their wares. I knew I looked calm but inside I was fuming.

I had planned this market day. I was going to charm Ewan. He was going to realize how perfect we are together.

So how did she end up here? It was suppose to be just Ewan and me. Now there was Ewan, Barbara and me.

I wouldn't have minded if she wasn't taking up all of Ewan's attention. They are suppose to hate each other. They use to hate each other. But ever since that vision questing class they went on they've been inseparable.

Shooting them a hate filled glance, I walked over to the weaver's table. I fingered the scarves, wanting with every fiber of my being to start ripping them up and throwing them. I settled for picking one up and running it through my fingers. I imagined tying the scarf around her neck and tightening it. I imagined how her eyes would widen and her face would slowly turn blue.

I sighed and put the scarf back. I ran my hand over the top of pile, feeling their softness caress my fingertips. As my fingers brushed over a black scarf it started to glitter seductively.

"I wouldn't buy that one my dear. It's cursed. " A lady who was covered from head to toe in the yellow of her tinker caravan, stepped out from the shadow of her tent.

Cursed? That would explain the sudden glittering but... it could just be spelled and not cursed. "How is it cursed? And, if it is, it must be very old. I didn't think magic to be allowed."

"Aye it is old. Older than Diabhol Dubh himself. Some say it is even older than Innis Seun, though I doubt that to be accurate."She reached out a wrinkled hand as if to take the scarf but I held it tighter. The old tinker looked me in the eyes as if reading my soul. "You seem intent on taking this scarf home. I will tell you it's story..."

She proceeded to tell me the story of the Snow White Maiden, a tale I have heard many times. I doubted this was the actual scarf from the tale but even so, the scarf could hold the same style of curse. This scarf would be perfect. I had to have it.

"I'll give you two silvers for it." She would be a fool to take it but I had to try. I needed that scarf.

To my surprise, she nodded. "I will accept that and if you will wait a moment or two, I have a few things that go with the scarf you want."

She disappeared into the tent and emerged a moment later, holding a simple mirror and a decorative hair comb. I gave her the money and went to take the items. I was going to just take the items and leave but she held on.

"You should keep in mind that curses have a habit of coming back to the caster. To curse another is to curse oneself."

I smirked. That was alright because I didn't cast this curse.

Tags: [challenge] vanilla, [topping] sprinkles

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