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mocha #23 - "makes the world go round"

Author: hi_falootin
Prompt: mocha 23. wish you were here
Word Count: 365
Rating: PG
Notes: Back to Jason's POV!

About the time I turn thirteen, Dad starts sending us money in the form of other people's personal checks. Money is great, but it's not everything.

About the time I turn thirteen, Dad starts sending us money in the form of other people's personal checks. I watch Christine rip open that first envelope with her fake nails and pull out its contents; pink, blue, beige slips of paper. Her mouth drops open, then her lips curl up a smile.

"I'll be damned."

Dee and I usually get about two-hundred dollars a piece, which is kind of a mind-boggling amount of money to both of us, even if its kind of sporadic. I don't know how much he gives Christine, but she does take care of the house and buy everyone's food, so I'd imagine it's more.

"I can't believe he makes this kind of money doing rituals," says Christine.

"He's a Shaman," Dee says. Duh. Obviously. Christine rolls her eyes when she thinks Dee isn't looking.

I want to put my first check in a savings account, but Dee insists we go downtown and spend it on something fun. Downtown in Painted Valley is really only a single street lined with tourist-y shops, but Dee finds some earrings and jeans and I drop sixty dollars on a pair of new sneakers. Dee stuffs her remaining money--those weird, unwrinkled bills you get from the bank--under her mattress. It's an old habit from when we were kids, stashing our coins in stupid places.

I put mine in my desk drawer under a box of markers--just temporarily, until I can ask Christine to help me set up a bank account.

I guess Dad didn't send us a note with the money, but I asked Christine if I could keep the envelope. On the side without the stamps and address, he's written "hi, kids!" and I kind of like that.

There's also a return address, to somewhere in Montana. I don't know if he's still there, or even in the state anymore, but I kind of want to write him a thank-you note or something. Something simple like "hi, kids!"

Something like:

Dear Dad,

Thank you for the money.

Bought Sneakers.

Miss You.


But that's kind of dumb, so I just put the envelope in the drawer with the money and go to bed.

ahjdksdhjlhl'gksajd;h Jason. Do something that's not depressing once in a while, okay? D:


( 10 comments — Leave a comment )
Oct. 26th, 2008 05:26 am (UTC)
Aw, I think the sentiment of wanting to send a note back is adorable!
Oct. 26th, 2008 05:53 am (UTC)
ah, thank you! I'm glad it wasn't depressing XD
Oct. 26th, 2008 05:37 am (UTC)
I agree, that was sweet
Oct. 26th, 2008 05:54 am (UTC)
thanks! I'm glad :)

(pee ess: added you!)
Oct. 26th, 2008 08:16 pm (UTC)
Aw, at least the Dad still supports them. Jason's adorable. Great job!
Oct. 27th, 2008 12:01 am (UTC)
thank you! :D
Oct. 27th, 2008 04:42 pm (UTC)
Aww, I wanted him to set up a savings account! (How boring am I?) Nicely written.
Oct. 27th, 2008 05:22 pm (UTC)
thanks! And I'm sure he gets around to it...Jason's weirdly responsible like that :)
Oct. 28th, 2008 11:00 pm (UTC)
Aww, that's cute :)
Jan. 5th, 2009 04:14 pm (UTC)
I hope he sets up an account, so syl isn't the only one. And it's kind of cute. He's so adorable.
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