March 17th, 2013


Anais Belle


My name is Anais Belle and I've just recently joined Runaway Tales. I hope to use this place as a way to explore my writings, in style, world building, character development and other ways. There will be snippets of annoying plot bunnies and scenes from my current works that I either wish for feedback or know that it will not become a part of my current novels and yet wish to explore.

Until then,
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Milos - realistic sunrise

Blueberry Yoghurt #14; Blue Raspberry #15; Malt

Author: Regret
Rating: 15
Story: Radial: Unravel
Challenge: Blueberry Yoghurt #14 - A Miracle; Blue Raspberry #15 - A Procession
Extras: Malt - ichthusfish's Green Light, Red Light challenge
Word Count: 3,400
Summary: Milos is set to perform on stage but Alex has bigger things to worry about: a threat, however nebulous, is still a threat—one that brings back some faces from the past.
Notes: This is a bit longer than I'd intended and it's only now that I realise the 'miracle' part might not be as obvious as I'd intended: it's Milos's much-prayed-for reprieve from finally singing (Travis's Driftwood, for the record) in front of an audience. Also, the Crow Prince has some form with this kinda thing.

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