June 28th, 2012


Clementine drabbles - #2 - training wheels, #5 - jump ropee, #6-board/card game, and #7

Author: skybirdday This is various drabbles for the Clementine challenge - these are the ones so far that are just little drabbles I came up with and the rest will be in My King series. However I do have two longer stories that I'm working on for #9 and #10 Enjoy!) < lj-cut text="tales of the ordinary and extraordinary" >< br /> Clementine #2 - training wheels</p>

A Bicycle built for two

 "Albert Isaac Watson, you get on this bicycle now!"
 "I do not like your tone, Martha."
 "I will not be the laughingstock of the neighborhood.  This particular bicycle needs two people
to ride it," Martha said, smoothing her blue dress.
 "Can we not walk?" said Albert, tugging on his ear as he stared at her with his green eyes.
 Martha sighed.  "Yes, we could, but this is a new form of bicycle.  It is supposed to be easy
to ride.  It's all the rage now."
 "Like those new fangled horseless carriages.  There is one problem.  We cannot stop."
 Martha laughed, her blue eyes lighting up.  "We use our feet, silly.  If you do not get on
this bicycle, Father shall call you a nancy boy."
 Albert's posture straightened.  "I will not have my reputation sullied.  We cannot have that,"
he said staring at the bicycle.  Then his face lit up as he began digging into his pockets.
 "What are you doing, Albert?"
 "I have an idea," he said as he pulled small wheels, metal rods, and screws along
with a screwdriver.  Then he put the metal rods and the wheels together with screws before attaching
them to the back wheels.  "There, that does it.  I shall get on the bicycle," he said to Martha with a
smile.  "These smaller wheels shall stabilize the bicycle.  I will feel safer now."
 "Oh, Albert!  You have such an inventive mind!  That is why I love you so!  What do you call them?"
 "Training wheels - it should get me used to the motion of the bicycle.  Then when I get used to
it, I shall take them off."
 "You should patent this.  It is 1900, a new century for mankind and it would help us to not depend
on Father so much.  We are newlyweds after all.  We should be independent.  Shall we ride?"
 Albert nodded and said "Yes, let's ride," as she got in front and he in the back and slowly peddled away
on the two person bicycle.

(This a fictional account of how training wheels came to be; I wondered who came up with such an invention and
wrote this)


Clementine #5 - jump rope/ kiwi #2 - down for the count


  A seemingly normal day began as four girls were jumping rope.  Two girls were at each end swinging
the rope as one girl jumped in the middle, jumping over the rope and the fourth girl counted.
 "Keep going, Mary!  97. . 98. . .99. . ." said the fourth girl.
 Then suddenly someone said "Oops!" as the rope lost its tauntness and the girl fell down for the count.
 "OW!  Ann, you let go!" wailed Mary on the ground.
 "Nice going, Ann!  Now Mary is hurt," said the first girl.
 "I'm sorry, Beverly.  I didn't mean for Mary to get hurt," said Ann.
 "I'm sure you didn't mean it, Ann.  Shut it, Bev.  Let's just see if Mary is
okay.  I got bandaids."  The three girls went over to the fallen Mary.  "Mary, are you okay?'
 Mary nodded.  "My knee is okay.  No bleeding.  A little sore, Katy.  No big deal."
 "Do you want to jump rope again?"
 Mary shook her head.  "How about I count this time and one of you jump?"
 The other three girls nodded as they changed positions and Beverly went in the center
to jump as Mary counted as Katy and Ann spun the rope.  "1. . .2. . .3. ."



Clementine #6 - board/card game


 "What do you wish to play, Ernest?"
 "Anything," said Robert with a shrug.
 "Anything?  Come on.  We must play something."
 "why?  We have made it to our seventies, after working and saving and have retired.  We have our
hobbies.  What else is there left but death?"
 "Ennui. . .stagnation. . .the rut of everyday life. . ."
 "All right, you made your point," said Robert, holding up his hands.  "I choose checkers."
 Ernest nodded as he retreived the game and they set it up to began to play. . .

 An hour later

 "You cheated!" said Robert with a pout.
 "I did not!  I saw a move that you didn't see.  You're just a sore loser."
 "I should do as I did when I was younger."
 "Turn the board game over, scattering all the pieces all over and pouting like a brat?"
 Robert stared at him.  "How did--"
 "We were together at primary in different classes.  One day I saw you with some boys and you did that.
Then they refused to play with you anymore."
 "Why did you play with me then when we met?"
 "A day later after your tantrum, I asked the teacher about you.  She thought that you needed a friend.
So I thought that I would be one."
 There was silence as Robert reached out and slowlt reset the game.  Then he smiled.  "Another go then.
I'll beat you this time."
 Ernest smiled back and gestured towards the board.  "All right.  You first," he said as Robert reached
over and moved his first piece."



Clementine #7 - picture/coloring book

 "Open the box, Esme," said the tall slender elderly lady to the little girl.
 The little girl did and smiled at its contents.  "It's a book with pictures and words."
 "Yes," said the old woman with a smile.  "You are three years old today, young lady.  You are
beginning to learn to read thanks to your parents reading to you.  You are a smart girl.  You know your
numbers, letters, and all the states and their capitals.  This is your very first book."
 "Mine?' said Esme, taking it out the box.
 The old woman nodded.  "This is a special book.  Mrs.  McCollam made it for you."
 The little girl smiled.  "Thank you, Grandmother and Mrs. McCollum.  May I hug you?"
 "Of course,"said the old woman as she held out her arms as the little girl went into them
and they hugged before parting.  Then Esme turned back to her book as she opened it.  "can I read the story?"
 "You may.  And if you have any trouble, you can ask the man inside."
 "What man?"
 "There on the first page," said her grandmother, pointing to said page.
 Esme looked and saw a little man dressed from head to toe in tweed with closely cut brown hair
and mustache with beard.  "Happy Birthday, lass and many more to come."
 Esme turned back to her grandmother.  "Granny, he talks!"
 "He does, dear," her grandmother said with a nod.
 "I believe Mrs. McCollum used magic, dear," she said softly with a wink.
 Esme only smiled as she and her grandmother began to read the story.


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Milos - realistic

Buttercream #14; Vanilla #8; Papaya #24

Author: Regret
Rating: 15
Story: Radial: Unravel
Challenge: Buttercream #14 - Robins; Vanilla #8 - My Mentor/Idol/Hero; Papaya #24 - What's The Catch?
Word Count: 2,626
Summary: Milos faces his employer over the previous night's events; it goes even less well than he expected.

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