March 25th, 2011

rainbow ship

cookies 'n' cream, flavour of the day and grapefruit with fresh pineapple and double malt

Story: Timeless { backstory | index }
Title: In Your Corner
Rating: PG (language)
Challenge: FOTD: bumptious, Grapefruit #5: in your corner, Cookies ‘n’ Cream #7: chase
Toppings/Extras: malt (x2), fresh pineapple
Wordcount: 1,140
Summary: Pia Rees and Cooper Braun versus Nutriware Ltd.
Notes: And this takes me to my twenty-malt point and then one more! During the final sea battle. Bumptious: Crudely, presumptuously or loudly self-assertive. Grapefruit PFAH: Pia, Cooper : why is smoke coming out of the toilet? BtS PFAH: Cooper : Can we call it a loan? And a debt that I owe on a bet that I lost. Pineapple: Shoot to thrill, play to kill/ I got my gun at the ready gonna fire at will.—‘Shoot to Thrill’, AC/DC. 
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strawberry custard #16 + malt

strawberry custard 16. [image]
+ malt: no time for that, no, no. he'll worry later, tomorrow (summer challenge)
story: second chances ; high school . wordcount: 985. rating: pg.

Wherein Rayn stretches himself entirely too thin. And starts to suffer the consequences.

notes: Ok, this piece kind of stressed me out, and I wrote it! Erring on the side of being too sensitive, I'm going to warn for a possible anxiety-related compulsive behavior trigger. (I'd probably want a warning for something like this, so). The picture's just a hangnail though, I believe. And it's not behind the cut anyway.

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all makes sense

EPIC BEAST PWNAGE!!!11!1! (plus a malt XD)

Story: Blaze Mafia Family
Title: EPIC BEAST PWNAGE!!!11!1!
Prompts: Carob  #2:  humiliation, FotD: bumptious (crudely, presumptuously, or loudly self-assertive) + malt (spaceangelacid ’s Dare: Someone wants to film a viral video and become the next SUPER INTERNET ACTION STAR. XD) + chopped nuts + cherry (script format) + root beer float
Rating: PG13
Characters: Paul Robinson, Firebird Blaze, Nicky Nails Blaze, Internet child
Summary: Woo! There are only five more days until ScriptFrenzy! Time to warm up my nonexistent script writing skills in preparation. XD This is chopped nuts because the canon timeline takes place before the invention of computers. However, if the Blazes did live in the age of technology, I’m sure YouTube would be a rather amusing nuisance. XD

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Aaron - Daniel Vettori

Rainbow Sherbet 13: Knives

Title: Knives
Main Story: In the Heart
Flavors, Toppings, Extras: Rainbow sherbet 13 (silver), malt (PFAH: Aaron : Better be good, for goodness sake), pocky, chopped nuts (sociopath AU), fresh peaches (Mars stimulates people to improve conditions), fresh blueberries ( He is, above all, concerned with making his inner values and personal powers effective in a way as to permit him to use his own judgment in all affairs -- Rudolf Rocker).
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: He's never liked knives.
Notes: I... yeah.

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