July 24th, 2010

[DTMG]  Spencer

FoTD (Fulgurate), + Fresh Peaches

Author: 1306
Rating: G
Challenge: FoTD (Fulgurate)
Extras: Fresh Peaches (Leo; July 23, 2010)
Word Count: 402
Story Arc: Ghosts and Symbols
Title: Lightning Dance
Summary: Click has more fun, while Simon gets mildly annoyed at that.
A/N: The song Click sings is here. You can probably see why he acted like that now ;)
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-- [s:amethyst] sky

I believe this is the last Blueberry Yogurt, FYI

Author: C
Rating: PG13 at the very least.
Wordcount: 1,268
Story / World: Seer Trilogy book 1 - Amethyst Sky / LEC3
But Amber Does Not Remember It Often
Counts for the Summer Challenge? Sure.
Prompts: Toasted Almond #28: blood bath.
Characters: Amber, Jonathan, Mina, Libris, some Cil of the two courts (more on that later).
Toppings / Extras / Other: Gosh, none!.
Notes: There's at least one more piece to this (Jonathan, Mina [I honestly swear I named no one in this book after anyone in Dracula, honest! No, seriously, I came up with them before I read it, it are coincidence like mad], possibly LIbris), and hopefully I will remember to write it sooner than, say, coming back to this in a couple months to index it and reading this annotation would imply. Er. Warning: sentence #3 is a very stupid reference, no, I mean, insanely stupid.

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Author: C
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 329
Story / World: Seerverse
It Will Come Like A Wave, It Will Come Like Lemons (At First, Anyway)
Counts for the Summer Challenge? Uh-huh.
Prompts: Blueberry Yogurt #9: better off.
Characters: None in particular.
Toppings / Extras / Other: Butterscotch, describing that lovely apocalypse we have going.
Notes: A bit of how we ended up where we start. The narrator may be... I have no idea who the narrator might be, it's too omniscient to be anyone but Libris and it's not quite Libris' style. Well, okay, it's Libris' prose style, but she does train-of-thought mostly, she's not obligated to write things down anymore... I am so confused, let me tell you. Anyway! End of the world.

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Creamsicle and Rum Raisin + Butterscotch

Author: Winter Violet

Challenge: Creamsicle #3 Hope and Rum Raisin #13 Victim

Topping: Butterscotch

Word Count: 677

Rated: PG

Story: Scarlet- Cirio and Grace’s story

Summary: Hope for the victims: is there another way to solve this riddle?

Notes:  Ixansis is made up of two islands suspended in air. There are no airplanes; those don’t exist in these worlds. The only way of travelling within the nation is by flying, which by the way is a skill only gifted to members of the royal family.



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Kse 3D

Papaya #29 with more than a few Chopped Nuts...

Author: Regret
Rating: G
Challenge: Papaya #29 - I Wouldn't Miss It
Toppings: Chopped Nuts
Word Count: 456
Summary: Arkadiy finds sleeping in class only nets you an angry cousin...
Notes: I was watching Denpa teki na Kanojo today and suddenly I found this in my head. Erk. Probably the most surreal idea for this story I've ever had: teenage!exchangestudent!Arkadiy and teenage!Kse... Shoot me now.

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carob wildberry

Flavors: carob 11 (creativity), 13 (stood up)
Characters: young Kez
Rating: PG
Story: Abbadon.
Summary: Keziah, about six years old-ish. Learns about fairies and death.
Notes: I guess this is pretty much along the same lines as what I did for Alex a while back, except Keziah's story is a bit more complicated. So I'm not sure how it will work out, but we'll see. 

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