July 23rd, 2010

[DTMG]  Spencer

Chocolate Chili #28 (Smugness), P&C #2 (Two Cents) + Fresh Peaches

Author: 1306
Rating: G
Challenge: Chocolate Chili #28 (Smugness), P&C #2 (Two Cents)
Extras: Fresh Peaches (Leo; July 22, 2010)
Word Count: 455
Story Arc: Monsters Under the Bed - Heffer's Story
Title: Evans
Summary: Ever thought that a huge, fearsome monster like Heffer--was really an ordinary teenager in another life?
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Author: Chaypeta
Story: Terinu
Characters: Matt Townsend, Terinu.
Wordcount: 809
Rating: G
Challenge: Green Cheese #3 Air Supply,  Pecan Butter #20 Hot.

Matt and Teri are trapped in a dying escape pod with a dozen refugees.

NOTE: I have consciously chosen my five flavours.  However the choice of which list and which prompt to use I'm leaving to a roll of the dice.  Just to make it more interesting.

All characters and themes used in my stories originate from the webcomic Terinu... which belongs to me so it ain't fanfic. :)


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Rum Raisin #3-sister

Author: Phyl
Title: Harsh Words
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 649
Challenge: Rum Raisin #3-Sister
Summery: Cold words can work their way into warm hearts.
Notes: This collection is bits taken from different times in the the canon of Fyre Plains. This particular episode is taken during what Blade and I call The Great Timeskip, in which Eric, Charlie, Sanosuke, and Maya are gone, and Kita enters a state of cruelty. Her OOC actions shock me as much as they shock you.



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District 9 - Wikus - Huhh?

Papaya #20 with Pocky

Author: Regret
Rating: G
Challenge: Papaya #20 - You Remind Me Of Someone
Extras: Pocky
Word Count: 100
Summary: Hundreds of millions of miles out, and too long after, Paradigm sees a familiar face.
Notes: Not that I'm leaping around the timeline or anything... I'm so far forward now this is just a scene that's lived in my head for two or three years. O_o It's quite nice to have it down now.

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Creamsicle+ Butterscotch

Author: Winter Violet
Challenge: Creamsicle #5 diplomacy
Topping: Butterscotch
Word Count:449
Rated: PG
Story: Scarlet- Cirio and Grace’s story
Summary: The young prince learns more of the foreign land through this fascinating girl. Somehow, something insisted him not to leave at all. A someone, perhaps?
Notes: Long time, no update. I miss this story. Ixansis is quite a poor country, apart from being ruined centuries ago, in industry and economy. People not of rich blood die every day out of hunger and poverty itself took over most of the things in the northern tribes and villages. Oh, and ‘gamaluk’ stands for jetlag.
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carob wildberry

Flavors: carob 1 (apathy), wildberry 10 (pit stop), pomelo 8 (Only those who were born to hang are not afraid of the water.)
Characters: Alex and Kez.
Rating: PG
Story: Abbadon.
Summary: Basically follow up to this. Alex and Kez continue to discuss Alex's looming death. And Kez finally introduces herself.

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Flavors: carob 6 (languor), wildberry 10 (bad influence)
Characters: Aoibhe and Suriel
Rating: PG13
Story: Abbadon.
Summary: Just some random alcohol soaked fluff while everyone is at Suriel's place. This is shortly after Aoibhe gets involved.

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