February 20th, 2010


marmalade 9. crayons (with some art by Lonnie)

Author: hi_falootin
Story: Second Chances
Prompt: Marmalade 9. crayons + Malt (Sly's dare: Mike and Lonnie care for a small child) + Wafer
Rating: PG13 (only NSFW in the bathroom-wall-scrawl sense)
Word count: 1325
Notes: Haha, so...at long last we have Mike and Lonnie taking care of a small child. It's a direct continuation of this story and it got kind of long, so I added another cut so you could just click and see the picture part. But I hope the introduction turned out kind of fun too :) Going for a Silver medal for the Rainbow Brains! (Wafer marathon)

"Why do you have that? Why is it crying? What's going on?"

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Wafer Cookie 1/4 with Eggnog, mmmm

Author: taram_42
Prompts: Eggnog 3 (sleigh ride/sledding)
Extras: wafer cookie
Story: A Still More Glorious Dawn
Rating: G
Wordcount: 0
Summary: Mattie goes sledding. I'm sure this can fit in somewhere with the story. I'm positive! Like... she's escaping people, and goes sledding to do that. It certainly explains the terrified look on her face.

Team Inconvenient Fire Drill Gold Medal (Day 1 of 4, wafer cookie marathon)

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karkat 'n terezi

Cantaloupe 19, Chocolate Chip Mint 17

Title: Ways Valentio Melman is Like the Repo Man #'s 4-4.5
Story Continuity: The Lethean Glamour extra
Prompts: Cantaloupe #19: for a song, Chocolate Chip Mint #17: familiar
Extra: Wafer Cookie (a truncated, incompletely drawn comic)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Just what it says on the tin, plus one of two ways Cygnelius is sort of like Rotti Largo. Maybe. I'd like to apologize to whoever ends up reading/looking at this, because it really is hugely pointless.
Note: Let's go for a silver medal for Team Inconvenient Fire Drill, shall we?

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The Storytellers page is going on hiatus.

We have had a lot of technical difficulties since transferring the count to Google Sites. Counting has been very time consuming and hard for the mods and there have been frequent losses of data throwing off the count.

We are currently awaiting a new system (my lovely husband is programming us a database and user interface that will allow a whole new system by which you will be able to report and update your own counts). Thanks to computer malfunction/repairs it is not finished yet, but should be in the near future.

As it will be much easier for us to report the pieces posted in the interim to the new site than it will to continue with the current procedure and the constant fixing that entails, we will be freezing the counting page until the new system is available.

I know most of you already keep count of your own pieces. Please continue to do so. There will be a post going up shortly where you can report finished challenges to request banners. This system will continue when the new counting page is in place.

If you have any questions about the hiatus or the new counting system, leave them here.

Thank you,
- Shayna & the mods

Banner Request Post

Please comment here to receive your banners for completion of RaTs challenges.

Watch the comm for your banner. It will be tagged with your author name and challenge complete. We do not post banners on a regular schedule, but rather in chunks when one of the mods finds time to do so.


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[DTMG]  Spencer

Carrot Cake #17 (Bow), Plum #5 (Take Five)

Author: 1306
Rating: G
Challenge: Carrot Cake #17 (Bow), Plum #5 (Take Five)
Extras: Malt (14. bow : Mimi, Lucas, Mimi : Seven people, please)
Word Count: 383
Story Arc: Sparked + Mundane
Title: Monstrous
Summary: Mimi and Lucas argue...well, sort of...
A/N: Hey all, back from the trip! I'm going to get to reading some pieces soon, just gonna put up a few pieces. And mods, last count I made,I had 100+ tales or something. Just to clear things up, as there's a tiny difference in my storyteller's page. :)
Sparker Sentence (What's your definition of monstrous?)

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[DTMG]  Spencer

Mocha #24 ("Take it or leave it"), Plum #4 (Instant Replay)

Author: 1306
Rating: G
Challenge: Mocha #24 ("Take it or leave it"), Plum #4 (Instant Replay)
Extras: Pocky
Toppings: Chopped Nuts
Word Count: 97
Story Arc: Sparked
Title: Aftermath
Summary: What would've happened if Louise didn't listen to Pattie and went on to blow firecrackers anyways that New Year's Eve? (AU to Babyrocket)
Sparker Sentence ("See those instruments on the table? Yeah, those? Those little things will pull and mutilate what's left of your finger. Now what's so funny about playing with fireworks?")

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[DTMG]  Spencer

Plum #15, Strawberry Banana #28, Mocha #6

Author: 1306
Rating: G
Challenge: Plum #15 (Both Sides of the Coin), Strawberry Banana #28 (Procrastination), Mocha #6 ("Make my day")
Extras: Pocky
Word Count: 80
Story Arc: Sparked
Title: The Coin
Summary: Louise procrastinates with a coin.
A/N: This should've been for that Literal Interpretation event for the Winter Games, but oh well...enjoy reading, anyways!

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