November 20th, 2009

Rocky Road #14; Vanilla #17

ROCKY ROAD #14- on the road; VANILLA #17- stranded
Author: Aislin
Story: Negligence
Title: Detour
Toppings/Extra: NA
Characters: Austin; Nathaniel; Mitchell; Zac
Word Count: 3,695
Rating: PG
Summary: The four decide that the best way to spend Spring Break is by going on a road trip
Notes: Uhhg. This was supposed to be up yesterday, but I was banned from the computer. And it wsn't going to get posted until tomorrow, but I've found a few minutes before I have to run off to the hospital.
This is my first post, so author's tag por favor?

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fudge ripple banana 15/30

~*Artist*~: hi_falootin
: knights
: Fudge Ripple : 28. amusement + BANANA + Hot Fudge + Whipped Cream
+ Milkshake (for shayna611) + Malt (Milkshake Remix of Hapless) + Cookie Crumbs
Notes: Safe for work. And WHOA--I actually used markers for this one! \o/

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Fudge Ripple Banana Sundae - 15/30

Fudge Ripple #14. Urgency
with Chopped Nuts, Milkshake, and a Banana

Story : Second Chances (Falootin)
Rating : PG
Timeframe : the zombieverse
Medium : marker

Halfway there! And we are changing it up tonight. Instead of posting the same prompt, we have milkshakes for each other. So we'll do the matching prompts in reverse some other night.

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nemesis child

Cookies and Cream #27, Rainbow Sprinkles, Malt

Author: Fynn
Cookies and Cream #27 - push
Topping: Rainbow Sprinkles
Extra: Malt ("My mind was like a stranger, a cold-hearted stranger with a gun in his hands." Jeff Noon (Vurt)" - birthday prompt from olram )
Story: Last World Without
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 585
Summary: A young (and newly promoted) Logos gets a wakeup call.
Notes: Some Logos backstory to go with the Jayce-ness.

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