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Title: Georgia Chronicles pt 4
Author: Anais Belle
Original/Fandom: Original
Rating - M
Warnings: Death, Strong Sexual Content
Prompts: Rocky Road 4 - Alley, Butter Pecan 5 - Rough, Cherry Chocolate Chip 21 - Pleasure
Summary: The spirit of a young girl named Georgia travels the world in search of her freedom, trapped as she was through the deaths of others.
Word Count: 105

Georgia gasped as she slipped into her next shell. Her back was against the wall, and she was surrounded garbage, but that changed nothing of the pleasure that thrummed through her body.

Her breath stank of alcohol, and her vision was blurred, unable to focus on much beyond the man between her legs.

Georgia and the one she possessed gasped in unison, their climax running through them. Their body shook and it rolled from their center outwards and ended with a choked moan. The last breath was enough to pull focus on the face of man that came at the sight of their slit throat.


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Dec. 22nd, 2013 08:55 pm (UTC)
Huh. . .so she gets into someone's else body only to
die again. . .what cursed her to this fate? Can she
live again or is that what she is trying to do?
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