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Chocolate 18, Passionfruit 6

Title: Errors, Corrections
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution
Flavor(s): Chocolate #18 (confinement); Passionfruit #6 (They also serve who only stand and wait)
Toppings/Extras: None.
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 661
Notes: 1990, Hallam’s government.
Summary: Charles Terrell, undercover for the revolution – compiling lists.

Errors, CorrectionsCollapse )

same old same old

Author: Aublivienne
Story: Singularity Syndrome
Title: Prepared
Challenge: Kiwi #23 (carried away)
Extras/Toppings: hot fudge
Rating: R
Wordcount: 392
Summary: Alain and Errol on hiding places and contingency plans.
Notes: hello world. :)

there was a list written somewhereCollapse )

Chocolate 26, Passionfruit 25

Title: (No) More Than Love
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution
Flavor(s): Chocolate #26 (Nostalgia) & Passionfruit #25 (But we loved with a love that was more than love)
Toppings/Extras: None.
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1548
Notes/Warnings: 1991, 1986. (Charles Terrell, 'Alice', Anna, Jamie Bradley.)
Summary: Charles Terrell makes a temporary escape from politics in memories of an ordinary life he never had.

(No) More Than LoveCollapse )
Author: Lily
Title: Building Snowmen
Challenge: Strawberry Shortcake, #16-can you feel the love tonight
Topping/Extra: hot fudge, chopped nuts, sprinkles
Story: For Those In Peril On The Sea
Rating: PG-13 for mature themes
Summary: The boys watch Frozen. Follow-up to this, which was long before I thought The Snow Queen would be turned into a Disney film.

The prince is cutting off his what?!!Collapse )

Papaya 9, Passionfruit 1

Title: Ring Out The Changes
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution
Flavor(s): Papaya #9 (I’ve got my eye on you); Passionfruit #1 (One paints the beginning of a certain end)
Toppings/Extras: None.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1992
Notes: 1991, the fall of the government. (Anna, Charles Terrell, Michael Seaton.)

Summary: Now the revolution’s is nearly over, Anna’s work has only just begun.

Ring Out The ChangesCollapse )

Ice [For Those In Peril On The Sea]

Hi, guys! I have Microsoft Word again, so I'd like my old author tag back! I finally wrote something!!

Author: Lily
Title: Ice
Challenge: Strawberry Shortcake, #9-once upon a dream
Topping/Extra: butterscotch, sprinkles
Story: For Those In Peril On The Sea
Rating: PG-13 for mature themes
Summary: “Pat, whatever does she have to be depressed about?” William Barlow asked, sounding honestly baffled but…it hurt anyway because it was her father saying those things.
Word Count: 1,000
Note: Changed a character's name--Duck is now Ralph. ('Rafe' is how you say it.)

I know you, that gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam...Collapse )

Chocolate 20, Papaya 22

Hi, I'm new here (& hoping I'm doing this right!), and lost_spook is what I'm known as in most places. The story pieces I'm sharing are from an odd AU thing (originally from a meme prompt elsewhere; there's a link with the details so far for anyone who wants them) - I wanted to play around with it here and see what happens. I've been eyeing up your tempting prompt lists for a long while, so, here goes...

Title: Lead Me On
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution
Flavor(s): Chocolate #20 caution, Papaya #22: now what?
Toppings/Extras: None.
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1758
Notes: c. 1984 (Anna, Michael Seaton.)
Summary: The resistance has suddenly gained a hero. It’s a bit of problem.

Lead Me OnCollapse )

A short introduction, because I'm new here.

Hello everyone, I am Pooponstick1092. I'm sure it will be a pleasure to meet and get to know all of you.

I would like to be known as Kosh, if that is okay with everybody.

Vanilla Sundae with Whipped Cream-20

Author: Bitz
Title: Daring Kiss
Vanilla #21. a dare
Topping/Extra: Whipped Cream
Story: Hearts on Fire Series
Summary: The day that Phoenix and Curtis met.
Characters: Phoenix, Michaela, Caesar, Joey, Jade, Rory
Word Count: 729

Make it a good one, Baby Girl.Collapse )

Apple and Marshmallow

Author: Bitz
Title: Is The Sun
Rating: Everyone
Apple #4. school play
Marshmallow #25. improvisation
Topping/Extra: Chopped Nuts-Seabrook High School AU, Whipped Cream
Story: Medicinal Love Series
Summary: Aija is Juliet, but who is Romeo?
Characters: Aija, Hikaru
Word Count: 637

You can do better than this, Aija.Collapse )
‘Verse: The Sun, Radiant
Challenges/Toppings/Extras: Pumpkin Pie #1 (ghost/ghost story), Cheeseburger #10 (srsly), Chocolate Chip Mint #11 (translucent) + Root Beer Float (script)
Rating: PG-13 (death)
Title: Chilled
Summary: A moonlit night invites stories, both fact and fiction.
Notes: Still not 100% happy with this, but NaNo approaches and I must be done.

strangers in the nightCollapse )

Acid Hope

Author: Amata le Fay
Story: Omni
Title: Acid Hope
Flavors: Teaberry 17 (the secret wound still lives within the breast)
Toppings/Extras: Cookie Crumbs (goes with Sozzled), Malt - Truth or Dare (dare: wildest night ever)
Word Count: 161
Rating: R (WARNING: severe drug and alcohol abuse, suicidal thoughts)
Notes: They told you two shots was enough to give you the time of your life or get you out cold. // Eep. The new Darkest Thing I've Ever Written has been crowned.

This was supposed to be fun, yeah? So what the hell happened?Collapse )

Pumpkin Pie. (Horizon Tales)

AUTHOR: Shrimp
CHALLENGE: Pumpkin Pie 7. special effects
NOTES: This is a piece leading up to one of the important things that happens to Vala while she's working as a smuggler after she runs away. I'm not super thrilled with it. The tension I think isn't there.

Read more...Collapse )

Pumpkin Pie #2, with bananas.

Author: Rainechan.
Rating: PG.
Challenge: Pumpkin Pie #2 - Supernatural.
Extras/Toppings: Bananas.
Word Count: None.
Genre: Supernatural/Horror.
Story: The Impaler's First Wife (My soon-to-be NaNoWriMo 2014 novel).
Summary: They all want to meet Vlad the Impaler's ghost... Each for a different reason.
Notes: Trying to get back into the swing of things just in time for November! Meet three of the characters: Meredith Campbell, Jessup McNally, and Mihail Stanislav! Do you think one of them is the villain?

So a barista, a ghost hunter, and a translator walk into a haunted castle...Collapse )


Pumpkin Pie. Butter Rum. (Horizon Tales)

AUTHOR: Shrimp
CHALLENGE: Pumpkin Pie 5. skeleton; Butter Rum 7. booty
NOTES: Vala and Ekvy weren't always friends.

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Vanilla Custard 8

Author: rustydragonfly
Challenge: Vanilla Custard 8 (You took my hat!)
Toppings: chopped nuts, whipped cream
Extras: malt: truth or dare: RWAU, the car is stolen
Wordcount: 1464
Rating: teen and up
Story: Manifestations (Real World AU)
Summary: A car thief targets the Dhalsivs. Neither Sarn nor Dhaymin take it well.
Notes: A little bit different to how I thought this malt would go, but there isn't enough teen Dhalsiv fic in the world.

'Your father believes it's another grand conspiracy, but you know how he gets.'Collapse )
‘Verse: The Sun, Radiant
Challenges/Toppings/Extras: Strawberry Banana #2 (inside joke), Pumpkin Pie #8 (a body), Berry Punch #23 (bright eyed & bushy tailed) + Cherry (military cadence) + Whipped Cream (Madhav’s reign, before the war of succession)
Rating: PG
Title: Cadence
Summary: A call-and-response marching song.
Notes: The ‘inside joke’ employed here is a personal one relating to the concept, and is not obvious in the piece itself.

sound off!Collapse )
‘Verse: Standalone
Challenges/Toppings/Extras: Pumpkin Pie #13 (full moon), Chocolate Chip Mint #14 (saturated), Rocky Road #25 (a hilltop) + Malt (I’ll never look at stars the same way) + Pocky
Rating: G
Title: Starstorm
Summary: Desensitivity to beauty is an awful thing.
Notes: Largely inspired by my own experience. Tourists visit in the summer with awe on their faces, which forcefully reminds me how beautiful my home state is.
Done with all the malts I know of receiving...

meteor showerCollapse )

Oct. 6th, 2014

Cherry Vanilla Binge with Butterscotch & Caramel
Story : knights & necromancers
Rating : PG
Word Count : ~2.5k

So full of spoilers, I almost can't believe I am posting it. But Olram has demanded it (and I think she already knows the secret anyway) so here goes. Being a binge, it is somewhat disjointed and lacking context, but hopefully it still works? Also, yay I wrote something!!!

Reida and the GodsCollapse )

‘Verse: The Sun, Radiant
Challenges/Toppings/Extras: Cherry Vanilla #10 (et tu?), Cheeseburger #11 (o rly?), Strawberry Banana #20 (a lecture) + Malt (I've made up my mind to be a martyr for the cause, and I can't pretend to mind) + Hot Fudge + Cherry
Rating: PG-13
Title: You Say
Summary: A truth belongs to each one of us, and Jalenashi’s is...
Notes: I originally intended to make this a dramatic monologue set to music (ICS), but I couldn‘t be arsed to figure out how to do it. Plus I’m self-conscious about my voice, sooo... ta-da!

poe-tay-toe, poe-tah-toeCollapse )

Pumpkin Pie. Malt. (Horizon Tales)

AUTHOR: Shrimp
CHALLENGE: Pumpkin Pie 4. bump in the night; malt (dare)
NOTES: Olram dared me to have Emis hit on Sans and here it is! I had a lot of fun writing this. I didn't give it chopped nuts because I can actually totally see Emis doing this.

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Pumpkin Pie. Butter Rum. (Horizon Tales)

AUTHOR: Shrimp
CHALLENGE: Pumpkin Pie 3. potion; Butter Rum 8. bottle of rum
NOTES: This was supposed to be a pocky but it got a little longer and I didn't feel like shortening it (I'm lazy!). Just something light hearted from when Vala is working on the smuggling ship.
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Pocky Sundae 17/30

Acerola #22. without a fight with Pocky
Story : knights & necromancers
Timeframe: Book 5 Rune the Hero
Rating : PG
Word Count : 100

Random pocky, originally written as part of a Cherry Vanilla binge, but it no longer fit the overall continuity.

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Questions (Sampler)

‘Verse: The Sun, Radiant
Challenges/Toppings/Extras: 7-prompt Sampler
Rating: T
Title: Questions
Summary: Ravir’s interrogation.
Notes: Gah this took forever. I originally planned it for the Back to School Challenge, which shows y’all how much I procrastinated on it… Back into the main arc again, whee!

the questions of a thousand dreamsCollapse )

Pumpkin Pie. Sprinkles. (Horizon Tales)

AUTHOR: Shrimp
CHALLENGE: Pumpkin Pie 2. witchcraft/supernatural; sprinkles
NOTES: Bastian has only just come up once in a pocky. He appears late in Arc 2 as a romantic interest for Elisa and, despite some difficulties, hangs around. This takes place in Arc 3 when Vala has returned to Uniss to help in the rebellion against Broderick. Elisa and Bastian follow her and wind up having their own set of adventures while Vala makes a name for herself with the rebel king. Bastian is trans, which comes up in stuff that chronologically happens before this point but I haven't written yet, so if there's any confusion about that let me know. Also, Pumpkin Pie seems to be inspiring me for sprinkles. Anyway, enjoy!

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Gingerbread 24

Author: rustydragonfly
Challenge: Gingerbread 24 (magic lamp)
Extras: pocky
Wordcount: 100
Rating: all ages
Story: Manifestations
Summary: Dhaymin runs into some local law.
Notes: One of these days I will work out what that watch is all about. Set shortly after the end of Arc 14 (once it comes). Mainly wrote it to challenge myself to do something quick, because I've been too lax lately.

'Do you carry any clocks?'Collapse )

Strawberry Cheesecake 19 // Love Bite

Author: Olram
Challenge: Strawberry Cheesecake [19 // spider]
Extras: Brownie
Word Count: 5.420
Rating: PG
Story: Canticle//The Directory
A/N: So much for posting Canticle all in order, eh? -___- Anyway, this is a rewrite of one of the first stories I ever wrote involving these two. It's changed a lot, but it still has this certain charm...

You know you have communication issues when your subconscious has to create shadow creatures in an attempt to get you to talk about ~the feels~.Collapse )
AUTHOR: Shrimp
CHALLENGE: Pumpkin Pie 1. ghost; hot fudge; sprinkles; whipped cream
RATING: PG-13 (warning for abusive relationship)
NOTES: Meet Takis. He's a total jerk. He's a more minor bad guy who has ties to one of Vala's friends. In addition to being Takis' introduction this serves as a background piece to one of the other characters. I set it up to be kind of a surprise to who it is but maybe it's super obvious right away.

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Cashew 29 // Winter-Born

Author: Olram
Challenge: Cashew [29 // labor of love]
Extras: Butterscotch + Rainbow Sprinkles + Brownie
Word Count: 7.823
Rating: PG-13
Story: From the East//The Directory
A/N: Who the heck thought it'd be a good idea to bring a lunatic like Niv into the world? Here's your answer.

You created something much more deadly than you were planning on, guys...his smell alone can kill at 100 yards.Collapse )

Orange 12, Gingerbread 26

Author: rustydragonfly
Challenge: Orange 12 (you wanna bet?) Gingerbread 26 (a single pea)
Toppings: sprinkles
Wordcount: 1146
Rating: all ages
Story: Manifestations (Arc 14)
Summary: He wrote nothing that night.
Notes: Still keeping up the story of these two. And as for what happens in the upper city, you'll find out soon enough.

'What's wrong with last night?'Collapse )


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