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Marmalade #19, Wintergreen #8

Author: winebabe
Title: Losing Touch
Story: The Gemini Occurrence (Poverty Club 'Verse)
Rating: R (gratuitous swearing, mentions of sex)
Flavor(s): Marmalade #19: aspirin; Wintergreen #8: like there’s no tomorrow
Extra(s)/Topping(s): Malt [Truth or Dare Game, courtesy of roisin_farrell: “I can’t believe I didn’t see that coming.”]
Word Count: 3,354
Summary: October 2020. Vic goes off the deep end.
Notes: Previous: Take It as a Sign. Victor Eastman, Casey Calhoun, Ruby Eastman. (Unfortunately, I haven't yet found a place to stop the angst, so here's more of me ruining my characters' lives.)

like a broken record, his thoughts keep skipping:Collapse )

Prune 30 [Heroes of the Revolution]

Title: The Letter
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution
Flavor(s): Prune #30 (if it’s the last thing I do)
Toppings/Extras: Cherry, Malt – Truth or Dare (Emily/Liz reads the files on her parents, from roisin_farrell)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2515
Notes: 1991/1961; Liz Cardew, Charles Terrell, Edward Iveson.
Summary: Liz gets an unexpected and maybe unwanted answer to some of her questions.

The LetterCollapse )

Sour Grape #18, Wintergreen #6

Author: winebabe
Title: Take It as a Sign
Story: The Gemini Occurrence (Poverty Club 'Verse)
Rating: R (language, violence, general garbage characters)
Flavor(s): Sour Grape #18: not so fast; Wintergreen #6: good as new
Word Count: 1,802
Summary: October 2020. Cara has the procedure, Vic and Casey use their fists to express their feelings, and Mona reaches out to her brother.
Notes: Previous: Too Late for Plan B. Cara McLaughlin, Isaac Eastman, Mona Lively, Casey Calhoun, Victor Eastman, Devyn Lively. (The abortion content warning still stands, and I've never been to a Planned Parenthood or had an abortion so I make no claims of knowing what that is like.)

"Holy shit, Vic! What happened to your face?"Collapse )

March Malt MADNESS

Hi folks!

Just a quick little message to let you know that I am running March Malt Madness over at the_malt_shoppe. If you haven't joined or aren't following the_malt_shoppe, do so now. We run a lot of games over there. And if you ever wondered about the [extra] malt tag and how to earn malts, check it out!

Peach 5

Title: Family Gossip
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Peach #5 (live and let live)
Toppings/Extras: Rainbow Sprinkles
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 2643
Notes: June 1949; Nancy Long, Isabel Andrews, Daisy Long, Amy Long, Anne Long, Ted Long, Edward Iveson. (I realised I’d never written about how the Longs reacted to Edward’s sudden marriage, and then just had to do it.)
Summary: Edward has some unexpected news for the rest of the family.

Family GossipCollapse )

Sour Grape #11, Strawberry Banana #26

Author: winebabe
Title: Too Late for Plan B
Story: The Gemini Occurrence (Poverty Club 'Verse)
Rating: R (offensive language, gratuitous swearing, see content warning in notes)
Flavor(s): Sour Grape #11: look before you leap; Strawberry Banana #26: indecision
Word Count: 2,837
Summary: October 2020. Isaac's not free of the Eastman curse.
Notes: Previous: In the Cold Light of Morning. Isaac Eastman, Cara McLaughlin, Victor Eastman, Casey Calhoun, Mona Lively. (Content warning: abortion.)

"Ruby is going to freak out."Collapse )

Passionfruit 22 [Heroes of the Revolution]

Title: Ashes and Dust
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution
Flavor(s): Passionfruit #22 (time is the fire in which we burn)
Toppings/Extras: Caramel
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 3290
Notes: late 1992; Charles Terrell, Marian Dalton, Edward Woodfield, Louise (Liesa) Seaton. Post-canon; the new government is becoming more established, when there’s an unexpected attack in London. (It's been a while since I wrote the actual canon and this takes place a few months on from the main events, but (No) More Than Love and whatever is true, whatever is right cover most of the Charles & Marian aspects. This fic has been hanging around for about two years now, and the handwritten version probably at least three. I get there in the end... /o\)
Summary: One revolution leads to another; that’s the way it goes.

Ashes and DustCollapse )
Author: winebabe
Title: In the Cold Light of Morning
Story: The Gemini Occurrence (Poverty Club 'Verse)
Rating: PG-13 (significantly less swearing than usual)
Flavor(s): Peppermint #2: bandanna; Sour Grape #1: nothing can stop me now; Strawberry Banana #28: procrastination;
Word Count: 2,754
Summary: October 2020. It's just an average day in the Eastman house.
Notes: Previous: Rum & Coke. Ruby Eastman, Mona Lively, Victor Eastman, Casey Calhoun, Gina Damiano, Clarence Eastman, Cheyenne Williams.

Family will always matter, even if sometimes everyone in her family sucks.Collapse )

Peach 13

Title: Working Holiday
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Peach #13 (tell someone who cares)
Toppings/Extras: Cherry (for the epistolary format)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2713
Notes: April 1951; Julia Graves, Edward Iveson.
Summary: “I seem to have wandered into the first few chapters of a detective novel…”

Working HolidayCollapse )
Title: Familiarity
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Prune #21 (the wisest mind has something yet to learn); Cookies & Cream #4 (smile).
Toppings/Extras: Whipped Cream
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1038
Notes: c.1920; John Iveson, Elizabeth Long, Jack Iveson, Edward Iveson.
Summary: It’s time to stop avoiding the subject…

FamiliarityCollapse )

Blue Raspberry #10, Licorice #8

Author: winebabe
Title: Our Cocoon
Story: The Gemini Occurrence (Poverty Club 'Verse)
Rating: R (gratuitous swearing, various other inappropriate language, mentions of sex)
Flavor(s): Blue Raspberry #10: in bad taste; Licorice #8: the old man is snoring
Word Count: 1,666
Summary: October 2020. Before Mona wakes up that morning, Vic and Casey have some business to attend to.
Notes: Takes place during Rum & Coke. Casey Calhoun/Victor Eastman.

"Just for you."Collapse )

Spiced Pear #12, Wintergreen #16

Author: winebabe
Title: Rum & Coke
Story: The Gemini Occurrence (Poverty Club 'Verse)
Rating: R (gratuitous swearing, underage drinking)
Flavor(s): Spiced Pear #12: hit or miss; Wintergreen #16: laundry list
Word Count: 4,011
Summary: October 2020. The foursome sits in Vic's cold house and drinks.
Notes: Previous: How to Survive. Mona Lively, Gina Damiano, Victor Eastman, Casey Calhoun, Ruby Eastman. (I'm having too much fun with this new 'verse, oops.)

"What else would we be doing anyway?"Collapse )
Author: winebabe
Title: How to Survive
Story: The Gemini Occurrence (Poverty Club 'Verse)
Rating: R (gratuitous swearing)
Flavor(s): Spiced Pear #9: win or lose; Strawberry Cheesecake #29: shell; Wintergreen #11: lost in the crowd
Word Count: 3,835
Summary: October 2020. It's only Day One at her new school and Mona is already making poor choices.
Notes: Mona Lively, Gina Damiano, Victor Eastman, Casey Calhoun, Olivia Meadows. (I started watching Shameless and I am obsessed...never seen such a messed-up family on TV and they remind me of the Livelys...haha. So anyway, I was inspired and this is what came out.)

"School is school."Collapse )

The Visit, Part 3

Author: skybirdday
Title: The Visit (Part 3)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Tragedy strikes the castle
Challenge: Chocolate #17 - freedom; Chocolate #18 - confinement)

Read more...Collapse )

Bubble Gum #25, Licorice #15, Plum #14

Author: winebabe
Title: Lost So Easily
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: R (language, talk of drug use)
Flavor(s): Bubble Gum #25: debt; Licorice #15: the cupboard was bare; Plum #14: top shelf
Word Count: 2,040
Summary: 2020, continuing on from Our Folks are Damaged Goods. Devyn does appear, but not as her knight in shining armor.
Notes: Mona Lively, Devyn Lively. (Random inspiration is the only reason this piece exists. I hope to get back into writing soon--and caught up on reading others' recent works!)

"You can be so much better than me."Collapse )

Bubblegum #29, Fig #5

Author: winebabe
Title: Our Folks are Damaged Goods
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: R (language, not-too-graphic depiction of death)
Flavor(s): Bubblegum #29: robbed; Fig #5: The River Styx
Word Count: 1,838
Summary: 2020. October 12, 2020 is Mona's last day as a child.
Notes: Mona Lively, Devyn Lively, Cassandra Lively. (This might ring a bell if you read my Kingdom of Second Chances miniseries.)

"I hate her. How dare she do this to me?"Collapse )
Title: When the Clock Strikes Twelve
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Prune #29 (I’ll get you for this), Cookies & Cream #15 (throw)
Toppings/Extras: None.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3486
Notes: May 1950; Edward Iveson/Julia Graves, Diana Foyle, Stephen Foyle.
Summary: Sometimes Julia wishes Edward would approach birthdays like a normal person.

When the Clock Strikes TwelveCollapse )

The Visit (Part 2)

I know, I know--it has been awhile. I finally am posting a part 2
and I am presently working on Part 3. There is one more story in the
My King series. I also have another series in the works.

Author: skybirdday
Title: The Visit (Part 2)

Rating: PG

Challenges: Chocolate #17 - freedom; Chocolate #18 - confinement)

Summary: A feast in honor of Athena and Daisuke and a little secret.

Read more...Collapse )

Cinnamon Raisin #14, Strawberry Banana #13

Author: winebabe
Title: The New Wolves Await
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: PG
Flavor(s): Cinnamon Raisin #14: many a true word is spoken in jest; Strawberry Banana #13: in a foul mood
Word Count: 3,495
Summary: 2026. Genevieve is good at running, and Devyn has his parents for an example.
Notes: Genevieve Kessler-Downing/Devyn Lively. (Finally a piece with Genevieve and Devyn together in canon.)

"I understand using the few tools you have in your box."Collapse )
Title: Den of Thieves
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Rocky Road #10 (bar), Cookies & Cream #7 (chase)
Toppings/Extras: Butterscotch + Rainbow Sprinkles
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 2647
Notes: 1912; Harold Graves, Hanne Beck, Lionel Graves, Rudolf Beck.
Summary: It wasn’t the sort of place Harold had expected to find Miss Beck…

Den of ThievesCollapse )

Poached Pear #14, Sangria #30

Author: winebabe
Title: I Would Do Anything
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: PG-13 (vague mentions of drug use)
Flavor(s): Poached Pear #14: dazed & confused; Sangria #30: nothing happens unless first a dream
Word Count: 2,439
Summary: 2026. Jo doesn't know what it's like to live life above the underground, and Adelina is sparkling and pristine.
Notes: Johanna Montemayor/Adelina Garland, Isidro Montemayor. (My return-debut is all about exploring some minor characters. Fun!)

"Do you want to get high?"Collapse )

Hey Y'all - Intro Post Time!

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be here. I'm normally on tumblr, but I joined LJ just for this community. I'm so geeked to read other people's works, and to enjoy playing with my own. My current universe is the Swept Away 'verse, based on a Camp NaNoWriMo novel I finished in July. I was so sad for the book to end, because I'd fallen in love with the characters and universe, but my wife reminded me that I could always go back and write other stories in it. And here I am!

[More About Me]

My current canon will follow the main characters at the end of the paranormal bi/pan/lesbian matchmaking reality show that was the plot of the Swept Away novel, and the adventures and whacky situations that they get themselves into now that they show is behind them.

A little about me: I'm 29, female, queer, married, and a huge MCU and HP fan. :)

Looking foward to meeting y'all, and writing with you!

(Also, mods, can I get zombieanna as my username tag please?)

White Chocolate 29 [Divide and Rule]

Title: Feathers
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): White Chocolate #29 (levity)
Toppings/Extras: Gummy Bunnies (also for hc_bingo square “unwanted transformation”).
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1413
Notes: May 1952; Edward Iveson/Julia Graves, Caroline Sheldon. (Terrible fluff and nonsense I ought to be ashamed of. Warning for mentions of pregnancy.)
Summary: Edward is unreasonably reasonable, and Julia is a duck.

FeathersCollapse )

Lemon-Lime Sorbet 10 [Divide and Rule]

Title: Even the Bad Times Are Good
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Lemon-Lime Sorbet #10 (what you do to me)
Toppings/Extras: Chopped Nuts + Brownie
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 10,491
Notes: 1960s AU; Edward Iveson/Julia Graves, Christy Graves. (I am still working my way through these Lemon-Lime Edward/Julia AUs, & every time I begin one I promise myself it will be short, but it never is, even when they’re this frivolous.)
Summary: In which dating is complicated, Edward can’t stand modern music, and Julia can’t stand Edward’s clothes.

Even the Bad Times Are GoodCollapse )

Fudge Ripple #16, Plum #9

Author: winebabe
Title: Raw
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: PG-13
Flavor(s): Fudge Ripple #16: suspicion; Plum #9: outside the box
Word Count: 784
Summary: 2025. Devyn gets a dose of reality.
Notes: Devyn Lively. (Small piece amidst my NaNoWriMo panicking. Writing is hard!)

So, Devyn drinks.Collapse )

nutmeg #6: at the tone

Author: Marika Kailaya
Title: Texts from Juárez
'Verse: Nagekawashii; Lap Dog
Challenge: Nutmeg 6. at the tone
Toppings/Extras: N/A
Wordcount: 789
Rating: PG-13
A/N: high school AU.

He paused, and then added, 'What the fuck, Lavender, where are you, I need to get out of American history class.'Collapse )

Blue Raspberry #24, Licorice #16

Author: winebabe
Title: Hopeless Case
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: PG-13 (adultery, vague mentions of abuse)
Flavor(s): Blue Raspberry #24: lost in translation; Licorice #16: put your whole self in
Word Count: 7,191
Summary: 2019. Jude offers her one small sliver of freedom, and God, how Genevieve takes it.
Notes: Genevieve Kessler-Downing, Jude Downing, Adelina Garland, Jay Greer, Gabriel Ayres. (I'm getting ready for NaNoWriMo and I got a little deep into Genevieve's problematic youth.)

"I want you to come home the Genevieve I married."Collapse )

rocky road #5: bedroom

Author: Marika Kailaya
Title: as winter melts in the sun
'Verse: Nagekawashii; Lap Dog
Challenge: Rocky Road 5. bedroom
Toppings/Extras: N/A
Wordcount: 1497
Rating: R (particular mention that this is a couple with a significant age gap)
A/N: directly post-epilogue.

He breathes deeply for the first time in three years, and sees Ijirashii clearly in the too-bright overhead light of two A.M. Collapse )
Title: Out of Your Tree
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Flavour of the Day 19/10/16 (harum-scarum)
Toppings/Extras: Whipped Cream
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1266
Notes: September 1928; Edward Iveson, Christy Graves. (Edward & Christy having to contend with each other in AUs is always fun, and it occurred to me that there was at least some leeway for the odd moment between them in canon, too.)
Summary: Edward gets his first run-in with a troublesome member of the Graves family.

Out of Your TreeCollapse )


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