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Sangria #4, Candy Apple #2

Flavors: Sangria #4- Once upon a midnight dreary, while/I pondered, weak and weary, Candy Apple#2-Ears

Toppings-Hot Fudge, possibly Rainbow Sprinkles? Estella's a villain, but not a major one.

Characters-Estella, Ninian, Della is briefly mentioned


Notes-semi slice-of-life? Just a thing that happens at some point.

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Friday Social - for newcomers!

Hi all. I notice we've had a few new faces around here and I'd like to invite you all to Friday Social.

Friday Social is a weekly post that goes up in our community, bunny_den. It's a place for you to talk whatever's on your mind and get to know everyone else.

Today's post has just gone up, and you can find it here!

Hello everyone

My name is Bob. I am trying to be a writer, right now I am working on a sci/fi piece. Hope to learn more about everyone here.
Author: ​winebabe
One Way or Another
Rating: PG-13 (For language; they're allotted one f-bomb, right? lol)
Flavor(s): Butter Pecan #20: hot; Watermelon #10; where did I put that?; Coffee #26: hook
Word Count: 1884
Summary: Really, he should never have let his guard down.
Notes: Reilly Desmarais, Brett Schofield. October, canon. (A little self-indulgent, maybe, but also important to the plot in a roundabout way.)

Enough of anything can kill you.Collapse )

Boysenberry+Candy Apple #9

Flavors: Boysenberry #9-White Knight, Candy Apple #9-Hair

Characters: Henry Tomar, Ophelia

Title: Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Summary: He loved her hair.

Notes: Henry/Ophelia, oh god Henry is like a puppy and he is SO PRECIOUS, if only he wasn't one of the characters I've planned out a fate for.

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Banana Cream 7

Author: rustydragonfly
Challenge: Banana Cream 7 (hush)
Wordcount: 1954
Rating: teen and up
Story: Manifestations (Arc 15)
Summary: Nobody's got all the answers. But they've got to push onward, all the same.
Notes: Heading to the climax of Arc 15! (Which has no title as I write this. Gotta rectify that.)

"I will live to regret this."Collapse )

Candy Apple #5

Flavors: Candy Apple #5-hands

Characters: Let's say a lot, shall we? I have a problem.

Rating-All Ages

Verse-All The Unlikeliest Folks

Summary: Freebie character study of the mains!

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FoTD: insouciant

Title: do you hear the people sing?

Author: cestlamorte

Story: All The Unlikeliest Folks

Rating: PG-13

Toppings/extras: none

Word Count: 612

Summary: insouciant, adjective, 1. free from concern, worry, or anxiety; carefree; nonchalant

Characters: Arisa, Edmund

Notes: As soon as I saw this, I thought of Arisa.

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I'm not entirely sure how to go about this, as I am completely new to LiveJournal, but greetings to you all! I'm a high schooler from NYC, and you can call me c'estlamorte(apostrophe optional), or morte for short.

The story I'm working on writing isn't as much a 'story' as a bunch of loosely defined ideas stuck together with murder and steampunkery, but it's a science fantasy dark steampunk story I call All The Unlikeliest Folks.

I hope I can work well on here!

Prune #18 [Heroes of the Revolution]

Title: Shopping Spree
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution
Flavor(s): Prune #18 (no peace for the wicked)
Toppings/Extras: Pocky + Chopped Nuts + Malt – January Games Week III (from ichthusfish: Liesa / Arran / Anna - werewolves & retail therapy.)
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 100
Notes: AU. (There not being supernatural elements in canon, which is clearly a shame as the Resistance is a lot more fun to write this way.) Anna, Louise Murray, Michael Seaton.
Summary: “What,” said Arran, “makes this the moment for a raid on Bond Street?”

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Cinnamon Swirl 6 // Rite of Passage

Author: Olram
Challenge: Cinnamon Swirl [6 // by the book]
Extras: Brownie + Rainbow Sprinkles + Malt [winter challenge prompts // 1: growing up]
Word Count: 5.236
Rating: PG-13
Story: Lunatic Seventh//The Directory
A/N: Young(er) Yule experiences yet another of the K'maneda's upsetting traditions. If you're curious about what Niv is so upset about at the end of this piece, check out Arkhangelsk. Also, I really should have written my response to "metamorphosis" before this one, but...meh. This one was easier. And also probably a lot shorter.

Finals are the worst.Collapse )

nutmeg #14: dead end

Author: Marika Kailaya
Title: Hell is Coming
'Verse: Nagekawashii; MeYu
Challenge: Nutmeg: 14. dead end
Toppings/Extras: N/A
Wordcount: 872
Rating: PG-13
A/N: this is the second time i have written a fic because i hate smoke alarms, esp. the one i currently live with. i'm sure it would not piss on me to put me out were i on fire but if it detects movement in the kitchen--even if the stove is not on--it screams like ANYTHING. anyway, this takes place in like 2004, so several years pre-BTS, and pre-LD, but just post-LPB enough that the Librarian and his husband are Doing Just Fine.

"Are you the fox who killed Death?" is what he asks at long last.Collapse )
Title: Tell Me No Lies
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): White Chocolate #3 (deceit), Prune #26 (as far as I know)
Toppings/Extras: Malt – January Games Week I (from ichthusfish: How much does Emily Iveson/Elizabeth Cardew know of her parents activities at the time of her father's death and mother's dissapearance, before she starts investigating as an adult?) + Winter Prompts #4 (unrecognizable).
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 454
Notes: c. 1971; Liz Cardew.
Summary: All that Liz knows now is that she knows nothing.

Tell Me No LiesCollapse )

White Chocolate 17 [Divide and Rule]

Title: Disillusionment
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): White Chocolate #17 (disappointment)
Toppings/Extras: Hot Fudge
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1377
Notes: 1959; Ron Whittaker, Thomas Hallam, Alan Jemmings. (I seem to have had this one hanging around for a while.)
Summary: Whittaker isn’t happy about anything this evening.

DisillusionmentCollapse )

rocky road #11: inn/hotel

Author: Marika Kailaya
Title: leave a little room for the holy ghost
'Verse: Nagekawashii; BTS
Challenge: Rocky Road: 11. inn/hotel
Toppings/Extras: N/A
Wordcount: 737
Rating: PG-13
A/N: directly after the BTS ending.

The glow-in-the-dark bracelet on Mallory"s wrist was shining in the backseat darkness: the closest thing Mallory would ever get to a wedding ring, probably. Collapse )

Banana Cream 12

Author: rustydragonfly
Challenge: Banana Cream 12 (feed)
Wordcount: 796
Rating: teen and up
Story: Manifestations (Arc 15)
Summary: Your thoughts. They're tasty.
Notes: Back to the boys! And Oishwyn, of course. I did end up a bit attached to her over this arc. Always the way with drop in characters...

I think running is a good idea.Collapse )

Butter Pecan #30, Watermelon #23, Coffee #4

Author: winebabe
Title: College Is For Drinking
Rating: PG-13
Flavor(s): Butter Pecan #30: dizzy; Watermelon #23: watch your step; Coffee #4: fan
Extras: Malt [lost_spook asked: “When did Adelaide first meet Matthias?”]
Word Count: 1738
Summary: As if there was any other way these two would have met.
Notes: Adelaide Auer-Beckford, Matthias Elizalde, Augustine Kovach. 4 years pre-canon, the end of August.

Parkour?Collapse )

Peanut Butter Binge

Title: Different Skies
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Peanut Butter Binge
Toppings/Extras: Chopped Nuts + Brownie + Malt – January Games 1 (Part I of winebabe’s question: How drastically would things change if Edward & Julia didn't end up together?)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 9848
Notes: AU; Edward Iveson/Julia Graves, Anne Long, Rudy Graves, Hanne Graves. Seven AUs where Edward and Julia fail to get together, and one where they do. Warnings for War, death, mentions of suicide, divorce, infidelity. (I was already writing this, but it answers one part of winebabe’s question – the other half is how it affected the course of history, which far more complicated…) It wasn't supposed to be this long. *collapses*
Summary: Small things change from universe to universe, but they make a big difference.

Different SkiesCollapse )

rocky road #22: a meeting place

Author: Marika Kailaya
Title: haven't you longed to be free?
'Verse: Nagekawashii; LD
Challenge: Rocky Road: 22. a meeting place
Toppings/Extras: N/A
Wordcount: 814
Rating: PG-13
A/N: realllly post-LD.

At some point, the child that Lavender Perez stole is no longer a child.Collapse )

chocolate gelato #13: memento mori

Author: Marika Kailaya
Title: possible miracle cures
'Verse: Nagekawashii; BTS
Challenge: Chocolate Gelato: 13. Memento mori
Toppings/Extras: N/A
Wordcount: 454
Rating: R
A/N: mallory didn't kill everyone else in the whole damn underworld so that pyre could die, is probably what he's thinking.

For a minute I gaze at him and remember the glitter on the shirt Pyre wore the day he showed up at my door; or the glitter of blood in the sun the day I personally killed the last of his enemies.Collapse )
Author: Olram
Challenge: Cinnamon Swirl [9 // all or nothing]
Extras: Brownie + Malt [valentine's day box // and the heart is hard to translate / it has a language of its own]
Word Count: 8.207
Rating: PG-13
Story: Post-Companion//The Directory
A/N: I have no excuse for this piece. Ostensibly, it might serve as a useful introduction to one of the two lemon chiffon prompts I have left, but...really it doesn't. Mostly just an excuse to a) make Gen miserable and b) have K'aekniv inflict more of his incredibly backwards but somehow ultimately sound advice on him. Disclaimer: most of the people in this canon's opinions/viewpoints on sex and gender are kinda warped. Then again, do any of them really have any opinions that aren't sorta...special?

K"aekniv, for once, gets to be the expert. Ish.Collapse )

Butter Pecan #3, Watermelon #15, Coffee #5

Author: winebabe
Title: A Visita
Rating: PG (Content: Death mention, nothing graphic.)
Flavor(s): Butter Pecan #3: soft; Watermelon #15: where did everybody go?; Coffee #5: purse
Word Count: 1847
Summary: A lot has changed in the last few months.
Notes: Adelaide Auer-Beckford, Matthias Elizalde. End of November, immediately post-canon.

Just like old times.Collapse )
Author: Bitz
Title: Her Body's Magnetic Pull
Rating: Teen
Watermelon #28.killing me softly
Carrot Cake #3 lift
Lemon Chiffon #3. intoxication
Topping/Extra: N/A
Story: New Unnamed Story
Summary: Tarana finds herself in a situation with the king
Characters: King Sol, Tarana
Word Count: 537
A/N: Lord knows I shouldn't be thinking of a new story with all the WIPs I have but I just couldn't help wondering where I can take this story idea I got from a dream. So...here goes nothing!

He was weak with want from this woman that everybody seemed to want just as much...Collapse )

Banana Cream 10

Author: rustydragonfly
Challenge: Banana Cream 10 (reap)
Wordcount: 2196
Rating: teen and up
Story: Manifestations (Arc 15)
Summary: Ever since Rosa met Bala, something's been nagging her. And now, she knows what.
Notes: I hinted at this ages ago. Sometimes wondered if anyone would get it! Well, now you know. Watch me try to be clever!

Trusting strangers was always your problem, wasn"t it?Collapse )

Vanilla #10 - Phobias

Author: Wang Xi-feng
Story: Stand and Deliver!
Flavor: Vanilla
Rating: PG (language)
Word Count: 1,075
Summary: The hajduki are not quite like Stojna's fantasies.

Look, kids, it"s some actual hajduking!Collapse )

Butter Pecan #4, Watermelon #12, Coffee #1

Author: winebabe
Title: Foam Hearts Are Love Letters, Too
Rating: PG
Flavor(s): Butter Pecan #4: smooth; Watermelon #12: just like (grand)mother used to make; Coffee #1: coffee
Word Count: 1776
Summary: Matthias makes a mean cup of coffee. Henry isn’t sure whether he’s flirting or not at this point.
Notes: Henry Avelar/Matthias Elizalde. Early October, set during canon. (Time to showcase some new characters, I think! Happy New Year, everyone!)

I come here for your coffee.Collapse )

Bubble Gum, Marshmallow and Trail Mix

Author: Bitz
Title: Meeting The Band
Rating: Everybody
Bubble Gum #18. welcome wagon
Marshmallow #6. county fair
Trail Mix #8. garage
Topping/Extra: Butterscotch
Story: Hearts on Fire Series
Summary: After Finding Holly, Shane brings Holly to an rehearsal with his band.
Characters: Shane, Holly
Word Count: 717
A/N: Wow...it's been forever since I have written in here, but as always I'm ready to put some good words down. Greetings to old and new people in RaTs!

I’m glad you’re ok, Holly. Shane had us pretty worried about you.Collapse )

Butter Pecan #5, Watermelon #16

Author: winebabe
Title: The Chance of a Lifetime
Rating: PG
Flavor(s): Butter Pecan #5: rough; Watermelon #16: you’ll never know the difference
Wordcount: 1318
Summary: It’s just the same as starting any normal job. (Reilly begins his work for the CIA.)
Notes: Reilly Desmarais, Gregory Butler, Madelyn Gauthier. Mid-July, one year pre-canon storyverse. (PS. Mods! Do I get an author's tag soon? c: )

Kumquat #15

Rating: PG
Flavors: Kumquat #15 (catch me if you can)
Extras/Toppings: --

Word count: 244
Project: Tachycardia
Notes: University. Sometimes, it's just a phone call away. Quick write; I haven't written much lately...I'm still trying to figure out the whole work-study-life balance.

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