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Flavour of the Day (29/11)

Title: Moment in Blue and Gold
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Flavour of the Day (29/11/15) – nocturne. (1. Music. a piece appropriate to the night or evening. 2. Music. an instrumental composition of a dreamy or pensive character.)
Toppings/Extras: Butterscotch + Rainbow Sprinkles + Malt – Birthday prompt (How quickly the glamour fades - likelolwhat).
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 474
Notes: 1912; Hanne Beck, John Iveson.
Summary: It isn’t a night for fairy tales, it seems.

Moment in Blue and GoldCollapse )

Sea Salt 5 [Divide and Rule]

Title: Coming of Age
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Sea Salt #5 (dew)
Toppings/Extras: Pocky + Malt – Ghosts of the Past #2 (end of childhood/beginning of adulthood) + My Treat – Emily is gone, Elizabeth is born.
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 100
Notes: 1962; Elizabeth Cardew.
Summary: Emily leaves the last remnant of her old life behind.

Coming of AgeCollapse )

Intro Post!

I've been lurking here for a little while, because I've been looking for a writing community to give myself an incentive to continue working on stories/writing outside of NaNoWriMo (because I'm terrible on the motivation front, oops). And the month is almost over, so I figured I might as well take that first step towards being a real, contributing member of the community! I'm excited to read the works posted here and actually post some of my own (soon enough)!

So hi! I'm winebabe (but you can call me Mazz) and I'd prefer that my author tag is just my username. Keeps things simpler that way. I prefer gender neutral pronouns (so they/them please!). I'm a legal adult of legal drinking age, if that matters at all, and I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I'm a true crime buff and watch Investigation Discovery basically all day, I love Jeffrey Combs and the Re-Animator movies, and I'm a hot mess.

Surprisingly enough, I've actually decided to expand upon my NaNo novel because there are a lot of characters whose backstories and lives outside canon I just haven't explored enough.

babbling below if you"re curiousCollapse )

But thanks for reading, and I'm excited to be a part of this community!

Flavour of the Day (25/11)

Title: Treachery
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Flavour of the Day (25/11) – uxorious. (1. doting upon, foolishly fond of, or affectionately submissive toward one's wife. )
Toppings/Extras: None.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 684
Notes: 1960; Edward Iveson, Alan Jemmings.
Summary: Jemmings doesn’t understand the truth of anything, but Edward prefers it that way.

TreacheryCollapse )
Title: All the Rumours Are True
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Prune #11 (go with the flow); White Chocolate #30 (content)
Toppings/Extras: Brownie + Chopped Nuts + Malt – Birthday prompt (You can't gain anything without losing something first – shayna611) + Gummy Bunnies - also for hc_bingo square “moving”.
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 9940
Notes: Feb/Mar 1946, Edward Iveson/Julia Graves. (This was just a short epilogue for the AU sequence, following on shortly after Not Just A Passing Phase but . . . it grew.)
Summary: Maybe there’s a law somewhere that says the lies you tell will become the truth…

All The Rumours Are TrueCollapse )

Flavour of the Day (15/11)

Title: Veils
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Flavor of the Day 15/11/15 - diaphanous ((1) very sheer and light; almost completely transparent or translucent. (2) delicately hazy).
Toppings/Extras: Malt – Ghosts of the Past (1. A child's view of mother/father)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 643
Notes: 1937, 1940, 1949; Julia Graves.
Summary: When everything changes, it’s so hard to see the way ahead.

VeilsCollapse )
Title: Autumn’s Outing
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Sea Salt #1 (ocean/sea), Chocolate #25 (inspiration), Papaya #5 (I told you so)
Toppings/Extras: Malt – Ghosts of the Past 5 (a lost love); My Treat – a vacation to the seaside
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 3364
Notes: Sept. 1938; Edward Iveson/Marie Werner. (It is mostly a trip to the seaside, but warnings for infidelity; mentions of a past abusive marriage & suicide/violence.)
Summary: Marie could use something to take her mind away from some old memories, and Edward’s willing to oblige – but their ideas don’t necessarily match…

Autumn"s OutingCollapse )

Lemon Chiffon 11 // Sweet Dreams

Author: Olram
Challenge: Lemon Chiffon [11 // keeping each other warm]
Extras: Brownie + Gummy Bunnies [500themes // 89. beloved sin] + Malt [valentine's day box // and I'd give up forever to touch you / 'cause I know that you feel me somehow / you're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be / and I don't want to go home right now]
Word Count: 10.531
Rating: PG-13 (Catholic guilt Catholic guilt allllllll the Catholic guilt)
Story: Canticle//The Directory
A/N: You know how I was trying to do Canticle mostly in order? Well. I'm slipping. But not too much! This comes only three or so months after the last piece in the story I posted. I just...really really really want to kill Lemon Chiffon for some reason. Also I'm all exhausted and moody, which means all I'm capable of writing, characteristically, is pointless flangst.

It"s cool, let"s just do the whole unresolved sexual tension thing for, oh, three hundred or so years. That sounds like fun. Yup. Centuries. Of this.Collapse )

Birthdays and Holidays

Title:【 Birthday and Holidays 】
Author: NIL » allseeingusagi
Story: Project Airhead
Flavor(s): Chocolate 30 » joy || Pistachio 9 » birth/birthday || Pear 29 » here & now
Toppings/Extras: N/A
Rating: E for Everyone!
Word Count: 1´809

Notes: Yooooo! It's been a while, huh? I've had so many writing projects, and then moving, and still trying to battle some personal demons. But I live. It's great to be here again. I'm trying to get back into the swing of using Livejournal more like I used to. Pretty hard when tumblr's such a bad habit. Anyway! Bringing back the “him and her” of 2015. Hopefully, this is still enjoyable. Catch y'all on the next one.

When the clock strikes midnight, it"s time for various screams of joy…Collapse )



'Verse: ✦ Standalone ✦
Flavors/Toppings/Extras: Cherry Vanilla #16 (damsel in distress), Pumpkin Pie #12 (fearsome creatures), Berry Punch #3 (bee in your bonnet) + Cherry (I did some wordplay in this that I am quite proud of) + 2 Malts (Summer '13 reward: Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way - that is not within everybody's power and is not easy. - Aristotle; summer '13 reward #2: Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac? - George Carlin)
Rating: PG-13 (highlight: alcohol & implied mental illness)
Wordcount: 127
Title: To Joy, Ironically Named
Summary: "There's a drumming noise inside my head that starts when you're around..."
Notes: Popping back in to leave a small thing, as usual. I haven't stopped writing, I've just been focused on other things than RaTs.

I must become a lion-hearted girl / ready for a fightCollapse )

Banana Cream 17

Author: rustydragonfly
Challenge: Banana Cream 17 (yield)
Wordcount: 927
Rating: teen and up
Story: Manifestations (Arc 15)
Summary: Rosa is confused. Dhaymin is lost. Bala is gathering evidence.
Notes: Because we all know who the smartest person in the party is.

"Either the city doesn"t know what"s out here, or it does and it doesn"t care. But if you say you"ve fought something, people like to see what it was."Collapse )
Title: Not Just a Passing Phase
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): White Chocolate #11 (grief), Sangria #27 (From the ashes, a fire shall be woken)
Toppings/Extras: Brownie + Chopped Nuts
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5262
Notes: early 1946. Edward Iveson/Julia Graves, Rudy Graves, Elizabeth Long. Continuing directly from Double Cross.
Summary: The last thing Julia wants is for Mr Iveson to be lying dead in her kitchen with her brother to blame for it…

Not Just a Passing PhaseCollapse )
Title: Faulty Connections
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution
Flavor(s): Coffee #12 (frame), Prune #28 (don’t even think about it)
Toppings/Extras: Malt – PftH (Liesa : I knew that already); Malt – Ghosts of the Past #3 – a missed opportunity
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1176
Notes: Mar 1991; Liesa, Anna. (I’ve been stuck on this particular point for ages, but decided just to get it said using the autumn challenge. Maybe now I can write more HotR, or at least more of Anna!)
Summary: Liesa and Anna have the opposite problem when it comes to family.

Faulty ConnectionsCollapse )

Banana Cream 6, Gingerbread 19

Author: rustydragonfly
Challenge: Banana Cream 6 (peek), Gingerbread 19 (my, what big teeth you have)
Wordcount: 673
Rating: teen and up
Story: Manifestations (Arc 15)
Summary: When exploring abandoned old buildings, there are some words you don't want to hear.
Notes: Mwahahaha. Ah. Ha. Haaa.

"My point is that I"d tell you all not to go wandering off, but we all know it would be a waste of good words."Collapse )
Title: Double Cross
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): White Chocolate #23 (exasperation); Lemon-Lime Sorbet #7 (fun with food or props)
Toppings/Extras: Chopped Nuts
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4367
Notes: early 1946, continues directly from Second Time, Worse Than the First
Summary: Julia’s having nothing but trouble with men – her brother seems to be in danger and Mr Iveson’s trying to buy her off with sandwiches…

Double CrossCollapse )

Banana Cream 1, Gingerbread 20

Author: rustydragonfly
Challenge: Banana Cream 1 (enter), Gingerbread 20 (fee fie foe fum)
Wordcount: 1412
Rating: teen and up
Story: Manifestations (Arc 15)
Summary: There are many ways to deal with the little voices inside your head. Jen's is to have a nice talk with them.
Notes: If big scary monsters liked tea, Jen would be the type to sit down with them over a couple of cups.

Aren"t you coming to get me?Collapse )

Chocolate 15, Papaya 29 [Divide and Rule]

Title: Some Enchanted Evening
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Chocolate #15 (passion), Papaya #29 (I wouldn’t miss it)
Toppings/Extras: None
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1034
Notes: Summer 1949; Edward Iveson/Julia Graves. (Day 2 of the honeymoon. Terrible fluff? I have no excuse for this but my determination to finish my original flavour sets. You should probably shoot me now. /o\)
Summary: Edward is lost inside the most charming illusion he’s ever known.

some enchanted eveningCollapse )

Passionfruit 18 [Divide and Rule]

Title: Gambit
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Passionfruit #18 (Temptation had its way with my companions), White Chocolate #4 (corruption)
Toppings/Extras: None
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1284
Notes: 1960. Edward Iveson, Julia Graves, Diana Foyle.
Summary: Julia thinks Edward has gone too far this time – she thinks they both have.

GambitCollapse )

Banana Cream 8

Author: rustydragonfly
Challenge: Banana Cream 8 (lead)
Wordcount: 1098
Rating: all ages
Story: Manifestations (Arc 15)
Summary: A tale of breaking, entering, and stagnant water features.
Notes: Again... can you tell this was written during a heatwave?

At least he was quite sure his thoughts about an alternative entrance had been his.Collapse )

Kumquat #14

Rating: PG/PG-13
Flavors: Kumquat #14 (the sky is falling)
Warning(s): Nothing too bad, but there is hinted at
cheating and death.
Extras/Toppings: --

Word count: 1,952
Project: Tachycardia
Notes: University-age Cody. "I'm sorry I couldn't be the family you wanted...or needed."  Sorry, guys. This one isn't a happy one either (lol). I've had this one done for more than two weeks now, but I've been busy with my new job (wooh!) and have been struggling on how I could possibly continue the rest of Cody's story with less tragedy.

My rant on what I originally intended for the Tachycardia series.Collapse )
Read more...Collapse )
Title: Second Time, Worse Than the First
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Prune #1 (a friend is someone who has the same enemies); White Chocolate #7 (embarrassment)
Toppings/Extras: Chopped Nuts + Gummy Bunnies (also for hc_bingo square “drowning”)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 3914
Notes: Jan/Feb 1946; Edward Iveson, Julia Graves, Rudy Graves. (AU where Julia and Edward met in London, and not over her brother’s dead body. It still doesn’t go well, but at least history isn’t AU this time).
Summary: Edward’s assignment is proving to be more awkward than he expected (although Julia doesn’t think that’s a good enough excuse for having him in her flat uninvited).

Second Time, Worse Than the FirstCollapse )
Title: Beneath My Dignity
Author: lost_spook
Story: Pirate Queen
Flavor(s): Flavour of the Day 26/09/15 – galumph; to move along heavily and clumsily; Peanut Butter #4 (earth)
Toppings/Extras: None.
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 444
Notes: I made up several fake TV shows a while back, not just Heroes of the Revolution. This is from one of the others. (I’m hoping I might do some pieces from it every now & then and eventually maybe work out what it is that isn’t gelling in the plot.) It’s supposed to be mostly fun space adventure.
Summary: Lio gets lumbered with his nemesis on an away trip.

Beneath My DignityCollapse )

Banana Cream 26, Gingerbread 8

Author: rustydragonfly
Challenge: Banana Cream 26 (speak), Gingerbread 8 (golden egg)
Wordcount: 1186
Rating: teen and up
Story: Manifestations (Arc 15)
Summary: Sometimes it gets so hot out there, you start hearing things.
Notes: I wrote a lot of this arc during a July Camp NaNo session, and it was uh... Warm. I think you can tell. Reading this is bringing back memories of air conditioned coffee shops and fruit coolers... sadly no such things for this lot.

This was the sort of place where crimes were committed indoors, by people in very expensive clothing.Collapse )

Passionfruit 15, Prune 17 [Divide and Rule]

Title: Only Her Interests Are Eternal
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Passionfruit #15 (nature rejects the monarch not the man), Prune #17 (I aim to please)
Toppings/Extras: Brownie + Malt – Valentine Box (Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever. - roisin_farrell)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 7513
Notes: Sept/Oct 1958; Edward Iveson/Julia Graves, Marie Werner, Lewis Evans. (Takes place immediately after Pen and Sword.)
Summary: Edward’s hosting negotiations he’s sure are doomed to failure, while Julia’s determined that if anyone’s going to scandalise the nation this weekend, it’s going to be her.

Only Her Interests Are EternalCollapse )

White Chocolate 21 [Divide and Rule]

Title: Shadows on the Wall
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): White Chocolate #21 (whimsy)
Toppings/Extras: Whipped Cream + Rainbow Sprinkles + Fresh Fruit: Peaches (“Today begins ten days of intuitive rapport. People tend to know what others are thinking without anything being said when Jupiter opposes Neptune. Don't play games tonight! Emotions aren't to be tampered with under the Scorpio Moon. Couples, beware of picking someone's weak spot and saying what will hurt the most.”)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1601
Notes: 1927; Elizabeth Long, Julia Graves, Hanne Beck. (The Whipped Cream was meant for the Summer Challenge, but I didn't quite get there in time.)
Summary: There are many things that Elizabeth can’t fight, but she is at least excellent at tackling imaginary evils.

Shadows on the WallCollapse )

Passionfruit 9, Prune 2 [Divide & Rule]

Title: Pen and Sword
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Passionfruit #9 (Bright is the ring of words/ When the right man rings them); Prune #2 (it might save your life one day)
Toppings/Extras: Malt – Birthday prompt (Who is the lamb and who is the knife? from likelolwhat)
Rating: PG/Teen
Word Count: 1547
Notes: Sept/Oct 1958; Edward Iveson, Lewis Evans.
Summary: On this particular Friday, the Foreign Secretary’s eleven o’clock appointment wants to kill him.

Pen and SwordCollapse )

Banana Cream 20

Author: rustydragonfly
Challenge: Banana Cream 20 (read)
Wordcount: 1596
Rating: teen and up
Story: Manifestations (Arc 15)
Summary: Life is a game where you can walk into a village, kill a bunch of monsters, and get gold. Or a city, perhaps.
Notes: I don't have much to say about this except WOO BALA. But that's the important bit anyway.

"Wake up, everyone. There"s work to be doing."Collapse )

Kumquat #13

Rating: PG
Flavors: Kumquat #13 (who will help me bake the bread?)
Extras/Toppings: --

Word count: 1,036
Project: Tachycardia
Notes: University. "Cody, I'd like you to meet Brad." Had this done for over a month now, I think. But I've been busy enjoying my freedom. I swear, I'll finish this flavor...

Read more...Collapse )

Pomegranate 16 // David

Author: Olram
Challenge: Pomegranate [16 // an order]
Extras: Rainbow Sprinkles + Hot Fudge
Word Count: 2.052
Rating: PG-13
Story: A Companion to Misery, Volume I: On Judgment // The Directory
A/N: Rainbow sprinkles for the summer challenge! And it's actual novel material rather than silly side-story stuff. Though, I'm not sure I'll actually keep this in, ultimately. I was thinking of using it as a prologue, but maybe it's not really necessary. Meh. Anyway, it's plot-helpful, at least. Sorta.

If you hadn"t already noticed it, Julia"s attitude problem is mostly inherited from her father.Collapse )


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