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Title: Inconvenience
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Flavour of the Day 17/07/16 (ambrosial)
Toppings/Extras: None.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 197
Notes: Jul 1949; Edward Iveson/Julia Graves. Brief moment from the honeymoon. (Fluff, basically.)
Summary: “It’s not very business-like… I thought this was supposed to be a marriage of convenience.”

InconvenienceCollapse )
Title: Morning Headlines
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Flavour of the Day 15/07/16 (animadversion), Rocky Road #19 (the breakfast table)
Toppings/Extras: Butterscotch + Whipped Cream
Rating: PG
Word Count: 656
Notes: 1912; Harold Graves, Ann Graves, Lionel Graves, Christopher Graves, Isabel Hamley Graves, Laura Graves, Millicent Graves. (This takes place two days after a piece I’ve been taking a while to type up. The trouble with doing the FotD is that I keep following on from things that as yet only exist in my notebook, but I think the general jist is pretty clear. What shocking things Hanne and her Father were up to the other night will be disclosed at some point, hopefully not too much later.)
Summary: Harold Graves feels his business is his own – his family disagree.

Morning HeadlinesCollapse )
Title: Out in the Open
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Flavour of the Day 12/07/16 (campestral), Rocky Road #2 (countryside)
Toppings/Extras: Rainbow Sprinkles + Butterscotch
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 476
Notes: June 1871; Eleanor Randall Stephenson, Jack Iveson. (These are Edward’s paternal grandparents. I actually have written their initial meeting, but that not being a FotD prompt, it’s still languishing in a notebook somewhere. However, in one fic, Edward says that his grandmother wrote books on nature while his grandfather was (disappointingly) not an actual pirate, and this is them.)
Summary: Eleanor loses herself in nature.

Out in the OpenCollapse )
Title: Haunted House
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Prune #19 (like taking candy from a baby), Cookies & Cream #23 (break)
Toppings/Extras: Whipped Cream + Malt – January Games Week 1 (From fachefaucheux: And, on a more fun note: what was the most trouble that Edward and Nancy managed to get themselves into as kids?.)
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 2037
Notes: Summer 1922; Edward Iveson, Nancy Long, John Iveson.
Summary: Nancy and Edward take ghost-hunting a little too far…

Haunted HouseCollapse )

Banana Cream 29

Author: rustydragonfly
Challenge: Banana Cream 29 (organize)
Wordcount: 439
Rating: teen and up
Story: Manifestations (Arc 16)
Summary: The team regroup, and Bala has plans.
Notes: I really don't know how this lot managed without Bala.

"Something"s got to pay for this place."Collapse )
Title: Passing Thoughts
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Flavour of the Day 7/7/2016 (velleity), Rocky Road #18 (a garden)
Toppings/Extras: Butterscotch + Rainbow Sprinkles
Rating: PG
Word Count: 515
Notes: June 1893; Harold Graves, Ann Graves, Julia Ann Graves, Christopher Graves. (Before anyone gets too confused, Julia here is Julia’s paternal grandmother – her namesake. Warnings for mentions of illness and death.)
Summary: Thoughts that come and go, like summer clouds.

Passing ThoughtsCollapse )

White Chocolate 19 [Divide and Rule]

Title: Trouble
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): White Chocolate #19 (rage)
Toppings/Extras: Malt – January Games Week I (And, on a slightly random note: has anyone from your canon ever had a pet that they were particularly close to/that was especially important to them? from fachefaucheux.)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2266
Notes: Feb 1950; Edward Iveson/Julia Graves.
Summary: Julia and Edward nearly come apart at the seams over a cat.

TroubleCollapse )
Author: winebabe
Title: I Was Right and You Were Wrong
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: PG-13 (for general inappropriate language and mild violence)
Flavor(s): Strawberry Banana #20: a lecture; Chocolate #2: rivalry/jealousy; Cinnamon Swirl #30: in the blink of an eye
Word Count: 1643
Summary: 2016; Devyn is insufferable.
Notes: Devyn Lively, Macklin McDaniel, Erin Simon. Pre-canon. (Camp NaNoWriMo starts in a few days and I've decided I'm holding off on writing the bulk of my story until the month of July, so have some pointless pre-canon Dev + Mack! Also, if anyone is curious about the bad techno Devyn is being subjected to, it's Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay.)

I"m asking you to leave, Devyn.Collapse )
Author: Bitz
Title: A Mother's Breaking Point
Rating: Everyone
Blue Raspberry #23. nervous laughter
Marmalade #1. cell phone
Roasted Chestnut #13. winter wonderland
Topping/Extra: N/A
Story: Medicinal Love Series
Summary: Hikaru comes to meet his mother at the museum but in a surprising state. (Part of Take Two: Chapter 31)
Characters: Hikaru, Chinatsu
Word Count: 729
AN: I'm literally ten chapters away from finishing my first novel ever and am battling a horrible bout of writer's block. Hopefully writing prompts will push me over the last mountain!

But from this day on, I will not be your father’s doormat and I will not be your communicator, Hikaru.Collapse )
Author: Bitz
Title: Peppermint Mocha
Rating: Everyone
Blue Raspberry #1. keeping warm
Marmalade #4. credit card
Roasted Chestnut #7. holiday shopping
Topping/Extra: N/A
Story: Medicinal Love Series
Summary: Hikaru and Aija take a break from Christmas shopping (Part of Take Two: Chapter 31)
Characters: Aija, Hikaru
Word Count: 551

How could he have let himself be so vulnerable? Especially in front of Aija.Collapse )
Author: winebabe
Title: This Body is a Jailhouse
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: PG-13 (Content: mention of sex but nothing actually depicted)
Flavor(s): Strawberry Banana #21: pillow talk; Chocolate Chili #9: yearning; Rocky Road #26: unholy place
Word Count: 1015
Summary: 2018; This is the closest thing to love Genevieve's felt, and the most pain she's ever been in.
Notes: Adelina Garland/Genevieve Kessler-Downing. Pre-canon. Takes place relatively soon after I Give With My Hands What I Say With My Eyes.

I want you to stay with me.Collapse )
Author: winebabe
Title: One Foot Out the Door (In Love)
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: PG (Content: kinda skeezy adult/minor relations, but nothing intimate.)
Flavor(s): Strawberry Banana #18: self defense; Cinnamon Swirl #16: fool's gold; Milk Chocolate #24: calculation
Topping(s)/Extra(s): Hot Fudge
Word Count: 1136
Summary: 2015; Jude and Laurence come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.
Notes: Jude Downing, Genevieve Kessler, Laurence Kessler, Evette Kessler. Pre-canon.

I"d like to speak to you about your daughter.Collapse )

Gingerbread 21, Banana Cream 4

Author: rustydragonfly
Challenge: Gingerbread 21 (I'll huff and I'll puff), Banana Cream 4 (squeeze)
Wordcount: 1043
Rating: teen and up (Warning for unwanted sexual advances, panic and an inability to understand the word "no")
Story: Manifestations
Summary: Jen hates bars.
Notes: Random little piece set close to the beginning of canon. Jen and Dhaymin have been on the road for a month at the very most here. I hope I did the subject matter justice; I tried my best not to trivialise it.

"Drink up and give me a smile"Collapse )
Author: winebabe
Title: Reap What You Sow
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: PG-13
Flavor(s): Strawberry Banana #17: unwanted attention; Milk Chocolate #22: mischief; Guava #22: say cheese
Word Count: 1328
Summary: 2025; Family dinners never did tend to go well.
Notes: Genevieve Kessler-Downing, Jude Downing, Samantha Downing, Noah Downing, Adelina Garland.

So, are you planning to add to the family any time soon?Collapse )
Title:Wedding Jitters
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Flavour of the Day 13/06/16 (paranymph); Cookies and Cream #25 (cover)
Toppings/Extras: None.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 997
Notes: 1935; Diana Foyle, Edward Iveson, Caroline Aldridge, Stephen Foyle.
Summary: Diana has her work cut out as Matron of Honour to Caroline…

Wedding JittersCollapse )
Author: winebabe
Title: I Give With My Hands What I Say With My Eyes
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: PG
Flavor(s): Cinnamon Swirl #27: eye of the beholder; Berry Punch #2: butterflies in your stomach; Strawberry Banana #14: fortunetelling
Word Count: 2056
Summary: 2018; Adelina reads Genevieve's cards.
Notes: Adelina Garland/Genevieve Kessler-Downing. Pre-main canon.

With any destruction comes creation.Collapse )

Oh, My Dortor ! ¹/₄~⁴/₄

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Oh, My Dortor ! ¹/₄

[Some mercy if you can...]

"I told you, shooot!!!"

"Dare you, black-wizard!"

The wizard, suddenly disappeared, then throw the 'lightning of the sand storm' to the Dentist. And sudden, appeared. 'Black-wizard' die the typo, murmbled after, dentist is suddenly said.

"Do we care, not our cast!"

That was eternally speaks own ground, at his point.








"Instade of the numberous of the this numbers are appears,"


'her, her.'

'from the Doich. Ich ist from ya' Britania!! say' ya',

Die Prince!'

'hell up you shut up heell. from the kant, our time. time to spend the dayes,'

'... ... kirai.... demo ..... kanojyowa......'


ten after days, choosed the her rapido, of the her, from the Derondo. whole sekai take him to the takes the will six month, but to her, to til there, his needs in to the her. (p, p, p, rince, of the britania? KOROSE, I'm the mechanic of the Germany.) Now the days after there is a lot of the fullfiled of 'Kant'. .... .... . Oh, glory-ous. her, (Kanozyo) wa, still get to the money come earns. Jewel, which is. And everybody now understand-instand, just nogging her heads. And after, he suddenly multiplide of his thought what he didit' or not, thought, "Guess, i hate it." He was san'de Michell.

"Is there is 'Kant'?"

"Not seriously, people said they go to the Israel, a.k.a. the god on the heavens..."

"Then you shall, I Shall, Guesses' given't take the got you no money." (jorking!!)

"What!!! are you talking to you, You bastard!!! Do not this for me please, sir!!!"

Got it, got it. sike!

Thie hel-veillium, the master, slowly cried, almost. But the why?

'No summer time in there ...



in the night, they said.

'what summer time?'

'summer time.'


'still, war?'

"fucking go to sleep, you fucking son of the bastards!"

"Sasuga! Italy!"

"TTI-,CIREN- You fuckers!"

"... ...."

"... ...."

Sono kanojyowa, nope, black-wichi is gonna be for how?

"Doiki, everyone wondered of that Her.....

they said she will bring to the South Korea, huh?"

"You. Once!. okay, no, Japan, that was."







Oh, My Dortor! ²/₄


"re-foregine, huh."

"... ... i was, ... why. what. for what. Instaed of , ................................ i. ................ t........................... (but the hell.) no-,"

"Not Identificatied, once, twice, botherless, third, just. Please go back to your line, excuse me mine mister, Good- die."



"I was sitting there whole fucking 15 times!!! You can't do this to me!! Oi'!!!"


"Don't you did it for shit! you Bicth!!! kill ya! someday soon-, but the after, sir,?"


"no, no, no, no, you can't do this to me, no, no. I'm not gonna let out of this rail. no. never. i swear."





hee----, heee---, he.

"Are you listne to me!? Mr, to, tokuyuki?"

"Takoyaki, that is. (smiled :)"

"Okay, Takoyaki,"

"no. that's the foo--rd."



'22/3. Okay, this time.'





'... ...'

'me.; jesus, fuck, sorry, takayuki;'

Mail 1 = Hello! R

Mail 1'= Hello!

'is that all you want, you fucking cunt? fuck bitch.'

Mail 2' = pic.

' ㅇ_ㅇ '

"Is there was the experieaments, the...... you know?"

'SURE! Arctic monkey, not the '--- followed 's'', literally, lol. Red of the 'R', Head of the 'H' but the who, said , 'F' SO, 'Rf' IT, IS.'

"Yeah..... what ever..... (crazy....)"

'You son of a slut, you are really, rude.'

'as said like heared, Rf....!'



'ah, fuck god sake.'

and after suddenly, his own thoght, of the die prince, Derondo, will be ing to the -ing, KUDETA. 'I'm gonna kill 'em.' of "thanks very much for our syst-----." , such as, advertisements are appeared. He chased, and after, name was [Julian Assasininja]. He is aknown the white-line guys. ... . ... . Derondo said,

"Let we start, shall I?"

"Oh! NO!!!! please, please our the great king!! never do this!!! I'm the portery! really portery!!! you should listen to me!!! name is washosubee!!! this is Zion, zidai, The Matrix!"

"Kill that."

chief. wiggoem (real name is, Mac' Homer Jack Simpson) is never disappeared his own nervouses and show the brave to his own my own. Button is on the 'Washosubee' and should clicked because of the his dog.

which is, stinck, ............ smell like, sausage....... ..... ew.

♬[Obiously, why be a fool?]♪

"there is some boy......"

"ah, little poor pantine."

"Starly of, saint, ..... Please to us, Un..."

"yeah, Saint-Un."


"YOU NO. never. ....... ........ he is born in the san'en michell. ...... as like de sha gol, is not macthing with him. ever. you see."

'Die, German?'

De hugo Cia'ang II. AFTER, THE KING.


Suddenly 'Budokan doiki' is slapped his own brother, takayuki, said "bro." lol.


-The End-

Oh, My Dortor! ³/₄


"I want to be a Kant!"

------------------ already!!!!

"I want to be a JPL."

------------------ already!!!!

"I want to be a Nazis."

------------------ already!!!!

from her, from me. - wizard e the ggui.

"ha-haha. already didn't not.... :)"

"Oh my god! the master! master of the wizardes, no, nope, I mean, Sensei-!"

"I'm not anymore Sensei..... I just the Wizard...."

"(sigh) I thought you want to say which..... you know, that ....... necromenser like...."


'what is the surprise will be to her, huh?'

'I'm not gonna tell ya....'

In the time, the world in the war, sixth, and that was made by derondo, (now A.K.A. Quteta.) it because he was makes some quteta, on his land, which was starts. Budokan is admit his experimence, effort, or, he worked at the night in, TOSHIBA, Which where is the place make the modern cars, and the day is work for NHK. AND THE FIRST HIS TITLE WAS "FIRE!"

-Doiki Daiki jornalist-

after of all, surely.

after the days, mailed, he sent, and he sudden felt of the Derondo. (Quteta). But. and his working place is in her, own her, name is Ggui-eu-ri-li-ou-si-xi-xi.


'not that cool, baka. ww.'


'because i'm not the tennis? ww.'

"because i'm not the tennis!!? huh!!!"


'wtf lol.'

"WTF lol."

"Its not gonna that happy time you bloody thing."

"take this!!!"

Again, there is 'lightning of the sand storm', in that time, Doiki was realized she was one the who he found before and again realize that she will be disappear soon getting soon as in 3 days, *crying.



Oh, My Dortor ! ⁴/₄

[Are you mine?]

[The campaine of the 'exhaust' of the 'Question marks!' I'm the Ggui.]

[................. take the call.]




mail : arctic4044@gmail.com
add me, your within friend :) plz.


GREETING. me name' ma mile lane. good to see you, hope soon as will meet in there. which is my now novelses. bye.

Title: Weekend Break
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Sangria #29 (All hope abandon, ye who enter here), White Chocolate #24 (malevolence), Lemon-Lime Sorbet #11 (a night to remember)
Toppings/Extras: Brownie + Chopped Nuts + Malt – January Games Week III (Edward/Julia – supernatural au & lost weekend) + Birthday Prompt 2015 (I'm nonviolent with those who are who are nonviolent with me. But when you drop that violence on me, then you've made me go insane, and I'm not responsible for what I do. from fachefaucheux.)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 8373
Notes: 1951; Edward Iveson/Julia Graves, Diana Foyle. (Since HotR started out as a fake 1970s UK TV show, then its supernatural AU must surely be the 1960s/70s TV one where every quaint village is harbouring dodgy satanic cults...)
Summary: “The Government isn’t doing enough to counteract the rise of demon worship in more remote areas of the country. It’d be a different story if it were happening in the Home Counties.”

Weekend BreakCollapse )
Author: winebabe
Title: Miscalculation
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: PG-13
Flavor(s): Strawberry Banana #11: a test; Milk Chocolate #25: worry
Word Count: 1427
Summary: 2025; Devyn goes in for the procedure.
Notes: Devyn Lively, Douglas Hammond, Anton Wegner. (Oh look, actual plot!)

Nothing could possibly make him change his mind.Collapse )

Strawberry Banana #3, Rocky Road #19

Author: winebabe
Title: Runs in the Family
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: PG (Content: mentions of mental illness)
Flavor(s): Strawberry Banana #3: hallucination; Rocky Road #19: the breakfast table
Word Count: 1893
Summary: 2025; Carrying on from D.R.U.G.S. Devyn gets a call from his sister and goes out to spend the night with her.
Notes: Devyn Lively, Macklin McDaniel, Mona Lively. (Sorry if y'all are getting sick of me! I have so much freetime and all I do now is write.)

What if they just lobotomized you?Collapse )

Strawberry Banana #26, Milk Chocolate #8

Author: winebabe
Title: Summer Threw Our Love Away
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: PG
Flavor(s): Strawberry Banana #26: good advice; Milk Chocolate #8: conformity
Word Count: 2262
Summary: 2018; It's their first summer together after the wedding, and Genevieve really shouldn't be spending so much time at the bar.
Notes: Genevieve Kessler-Downing, Jude Downing, Adelina Garland. Pre-main canon. (Mazz single-handedly takes over RaTs! Oops!)

Rough date, huh?Collapse )
Author: winebabe
Title: D.R.U.G.S.
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: PG-13 (Content: drug abuse)
Flavor(s): Strawberry Banana #16: out of habit; Rocky Road #12: classroom/dojo; Milk Chocolate #16: panic
Word Count: 1194
Summary: 2025; You can't warn about the side effects of something that has never been tested before.
Notes: Devyn Lively, Macklin McDaniel. (Been trying to finish this all day. Forgive any typos and general incoherence.)

Dude, are you high?Collapse )
Author: winebabe
Title: Because You Got Out of Hand
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: PG-13 (Content: vague mentions of domestic abuse and drug usage)
Flavor(s): Strawberry Banana #22: a hug; Pomelo #26: often one finds one's destiny just where one hides to avoid it; Angel Food #2: false idols
Word Count: 1025
Summary: 2025; When you grow up in the golden glow of wealth, it shouldn't be such a surprise where you end up.
Notes: Genevieve Kessler-Downing, Jude Downing, Adelina Garland.

I want him to die.Collapse )

Passionfruit #6, Mascarpone #12

Author: winebabe
: You'll Find Me Where the Crows Fly
Story: The Gemini Occurrence
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Flavor(s): Passionfruit #6: they also serve who only stand and wait; Mascarpone #12: capita a fagiolo
Word Count: 1041
Summary: 2025; Devyn dreams, every night, of the grieving widow.
Notes: Devyn Lively, Macklin McDaniel. (After a hand injury and graduation, I have returned, with a new canon to write for! If anyone is curious, I finished the novel I was writing for before with nearly 93,000 words, and I need a change of pace. Expect info linked eventually...)

The connection grows stronger every day.Collapse )
Title: Like It or Not
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Lemon-Lime Sorbet #1 (our little secret); White Chocolate #25 (gratitude)
Toppings/Extras: Chopped Nuts + Brownie
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5637
Notes: AU, 1950s. Edward Iveson/Julia Graves. (Julia says in the ‘Wood’ section of Different Skies that she and Edward would be terrible at having an affair, so here’s that part continued, and indeed, they are terrible at having an affair.)
Summary: Edward and Julia are definitely not having an affair – even if fate and the rest of the world seem to have other ideas.

Like It or NotCollapse )

Banana Cream 25

Author: rustydragonfly
Challenge: Banana Cream 25 (wander)
Wordcount: 505
Rating: teen and up
Story: Manifestations (Arc 16)
Summary: Rosa doesn't do crises.
Notes: Arc 16! Let's do this.

Of course she was afraid.Collapse )
Author: Olram
Challenge: Black Currant [14 // in character]
Extras: Brownie + Cookie Crumbs
Word Count: 5.060
Rating: PG-13
Story: Post-Companion//The Directory
A/N: The first section of this is a cookie crumbs of the first section of a piece I posted yeeeears ago. I'm basically re-writing/expanding that piece. Follows On Modern Courting Rituals, taking place the next evening. A combination of pointless fluff and poking fun at Genesis's inability to do anything that doesn't involve stabbing or "liberating" people.

And you thought your first date was awkward?Collapse )
Title: Dance
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution
Flavor(s): Flavour of the Day 22/05/16 (dulcinea); Rocky Road #28 (up in the air); White Chocolate #15 (indifference)
Toppings/Extras: Butterscotch + Rainbow Sprinkles
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 427
Notes: 1912; Harold Graves/Hanne Beck, Lionel Graves.
Summary: These things are never simple…

DanceCollapse )
Title: Third Time Lucky
Author: lost_spook
Story: Heroes of the Revolution (Divide & Rule)
Flavor(s): Flavour of the Day 21/05/16 (complaisant); White Chocolate #26 (infatuation), Prune #10 (follow your heart)
Toppings/Extras: Cookie Crumbs (remix of one ‘date’ in The Games We Play from Edward’s POV); Malt – Birthday prompt 2015 ( Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers, starts so soft and sweet and turns them to hunters from likelolwhat.)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1379
Notes: May/Jun 1949, Edward Iveson/Julia Graves, Elaine Morley.
Summary: Edward takes Julia to a party at the British Embassy in Paris, for their third/first date.

THird Time LuckyCollapse )


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